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Just vaping pictures


I want to mix, but I’ll wait till next weekend. The vape drawer is still full’ish and the cuboard below still has two separate mix sessions below. But it’s ok!!! I tell myself since I know have some testers of soho FA and two other flavors I can remember that I’m super excited to try. Oh an a vanilla ice cream base from scratch that is almost at 4weeks of steeping ready to try.


Heres a decal I made a while back because I am, in fact, a real life sign man lol! If I see a design I can reproduce it pretty close and make the damn thing. I’ve never posted a pic of it cause I dont facebook, instagram or any of that stuff. Just vape forums lol. My trusty Nautilus 2 on top of the Zelos, rockin out on some 18mg (sparkles?) doughnut pounder clone I mixed up. The recipe needs some tweaking for sure, I think the cinnamon spice messed it all up. This shit has a bite to it. And its not the nic, not the same kind of throat hit like nic. I love blowing clouds and building coils but a good mtl high nic setup is so satisfying! Screw you FDA


I love the coil design :thumbsup:


Me too man! I seen it on one of GrimGreen’s videos and had to have it!


Awesome! Cinnamon is a strong flavour I’ve ruined mixes with it before


I read somewhere that if you vape cinnamon flavors higher than 40 watts it burns the flavoring and tastes nasty as hell. So I was dripping this juice at 80 watts and it did in fact tatse like shit! So I added 15mg of nic and tossed some in the nautilus. Its actually a lot better now. I still get that cinnamon bite but its nothing like when I was dripping it. It vape-able now


Happy Anniversary…BTW


Yes, happy anniversary neighbor.


Kicking back on Sunday morning… chilling with some classical, a cup-o-Kona, some Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake NET loaded in my Kayfun V3 mini atop my old Metal Madness Poldiac mech mod. :wink:

…life is good! :sunglasses:


Nice set up, looks heavenly to me.


Thanks @ozo and @TheTinMan1! It sure doesnt feel like I’ve been mixing for a year. I love ELR


Fixed them paint chips once & for all on my hohmslice.


Loom #3, too much play in the pile harness. Play time is over. @Whiterose0818 are about to whip the play right out of you.


And I think I found some wicking material under here


Having a busy day at the office dear? :laughing::kissing_heart:


Did all the scarecrow’s stuffing fall out?


Very much so. But that job wasn’t too bad, I get to lay down and do it. Of course I’m laying on cold concrete but still a good job for a Saturday morning.


Bahaha! Too funny.


gotta be a deere