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Karma coming back around


Today was a good day… I’ve always tried to help people out when I can… well today karma finally came to visit me…

Customer I’ve been doing work for. HAD a utility trailer he was wanting to get rid off, that I was interested in buying… today he gave it to me as a :gift:

And it’s sitting in my backyard. He even followed me home since I didn’t have lights connected to it…


Karma, what goes around…comes around, do unto others! Ain’t it great!
Good for you.




Karma is a beautiful thing😄


Congrats! Who says nice guys finish last!?!? Enjoy it. :+1:


Ah Sweet!


Karma? Luck? Hmmm I hear you being humble. Keeping it :100: is very socially attractive, and many folks know it should be encouraged/rewarded. Maybe you just deserved it, and maybe that guy is just generous/smart. heh Now check the manufacturer dates on the tires and pack those bearings (grease) :wink: Too cool!


good things happen too good people , very happy for you!!!


That is nice but the title made me think of Football World Cup and Germany loosing game in extended time :rofl::rofl::rofl:


pics? :slight_smile: that’s fracking awesome!


Ask and you shall receive.

The little one likes the new trailer…