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Karma is wonderful


Yes i understand
Anyone messes with my kids and their done


Might work if hes also a scorpio haha😝



Yup, I am a Scorpio as well.



A few years ago, I danced a little jig when the parent company was hit with a 95 million dollar fine from the Feds. It was a bit premature, as the company paid the fine, claimed to have done nothing wrong, and continued to carry on as business as usual. Even now with their stock being worthless, and branches being closed around the country, I would not be surprised if they are acquired by a similar company with similar practices, to be rebranded and continue to betray public trust and violate federal and state laws.
I fought the good fight, it cost me heavily.
I’m just trying to get as far from the stench from that place as possible.


Kronix, happens to me all the time LOL


Ooo, you have a wonderfully twisted way of seeing this… I like it! {bwahahaha}




That’s great. Good to see the rigor mortis only affected his upper body.


Reminds me of this:




…xactly what should happen to folks that get up into others peoples shit with no reason! …priceless gif!