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Karma is wonderful


I just checked the stock charts for my former employer, and with pure joy, i saw that their stock has plummeted and flatlined at a value of 0.012 per share. 1 Cent Per Share. They are fucked and I can’t be happier for them. Karma does exist and evil actions get punished. They did me a big favor.


Karma’s a biatch eh? For them in this case…:smiling_imp:


She’ll put some hurt on folks who really need it!


Another way to look at that is if you actually believe in ‘karma’ should you really be taking such joy at a company possibly shutting down and people losing their jobs :wink:


Yeah i heard Karma is a 2 way street kinda so gloat over a company going under will make Karma strike back at you. So good luck with that OP.


My thoughts exactly.



Haha sorry couldnt resist




yea i considered that too. It’s def bigger than just me, but there are reasons why this place is tanking and being hit with giant fines and class action suits.


I like what you did with that trap card.



Lol i seen the meme and just git inspired lol
Not personal at all just bein funny lol
Im happy karma helped right a wrong for you though :ok_hand:


Its been my experience in life by the time some unscrupulous people get what they have coming I’ve almost gotten over what they did to me. I’ve never truly “danced on a grave” but I certainly do understand the desire to. Truth is, there are times in life when we get screwed so bad it’s very hard not to want to see the person fail… and You cant fully appreciate this until you have been divorced with children.


Ah but on that same note as being divorced with kids wouldnt you want them to succeed so you could take more from them?
I understand being vidictive as i am a scorpio but in that situation i would want them to succeed financially and fail in any future relationships
Covers both bases lol
Just my personal perspective


It’s when you ie see how he/she messes up the kids that the dancing shoes calls out from the closet


That line just cracked me up lol


Lol i am a stereotype scorpio lol
I trust noone easily and if i do and you break it…


If you ever end up before a judge you should try that as a defense plea. “Well your honour, you must understand that I’m a scorpio” lol