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Keep a neat work area...because dumb moves were made


Hello Gang.
I have been mixing for a few years now and I have been busy.I wanted to mix a few ML and while watching you tube i labeled the wrong bottle and then dripped at 65 watts 100% (FW) Apricot concentrate.
OMG what a nasty gagging flavor tastes like puke…
So the moral of the story is keep you Juice and you concentrates far apart.I have a brain fart and paid for it.
Now you don’t ever have to vape straight FW apricot concentrate. I have done it so you don’t have too.
The dumbest move I have made in years
Keep a clean organized work area.This is a public service announcement…:+1::mask:


Thanks for that, I was just getting ready to mix up a batch!:rofl:


The title of your topic is misleading. I thought keeping a neat working area was a dumb move and I was just gonna agree with you there since I can never find anything anymore after I clean up.
But then I read the rest :hushed:


No, that’s called a confession. Some of us have done much worse.


At least you didn’t drip 100mg nic lol!


There would be no confession under those circumstances.