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(Kinda) New! - Chance to get your hands on an unregulated WR mod 🎉


If If win, I’ll pass the winning item on to @SmilingOgre since he doesn’t have a WR. Everyone should have a WR in their life!


OMG! That is gorgeous! Are you sure? That has got to be a collector’s item. Sweeeeeeet!!!


Absolutely. I have one. The wife has one. Somebody else’s turn.


I humbled and speechless…


Pardon my ignorance, but what is a WR mod? I quit the cancer sticks 7 years ago with cigs but have only got into vaping 1 year ago and have not gotten the verbage down yet. I just learned about this site last week. I’m from Milwaukee and we don’t have a big vaping community and am older so I haven’t had much exposure. Again please excuse my ignorance.


welcome to ELR! the are referring to mods built by a member of ELR.

You can properly introduce yourself here
Be polite and introduce yourself!


WR is short for @Whiterose0818 one of the members here that constructs some of the best looking and from what I hear working mods there are.





Hey… nice mod, lol


Thanks. you too. :sunglasses:

I remember when I first got it and the Baal RDA. I was the coolest vaper around lol. Cost a pretty penny too. Now I can’t even give it away.


My wife got it for me for Christmas one year. It is a unique and badass looking mod,


Very generous of you!
Good luck to all the entrants


That, my friend, is truly badass.


Thanks :innocent: I can’t wait for you to get your prizes!


@TW12 what a very generous offer and one I’d like to take you up on.
Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with mech mods but it was my next step in the vaping journey, hence why I entered the raffle.
These are my sad wee vaping devices

Good luck everyone!


BUMP :tada:


is that a kbox 120 or 200 on the left ?


…petals. Fixed.

@Lolly, you have to add some derivative of ‘petal’ in every post. It’s so cute and @Lolly that, well, it’s your trademark and I expect it.


those pics are depressing. I am not in the action, just following it, but if i had a vote it be for you bud!