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Kiwi Strawberry


I am looking for a good Mag VG Kiwi Strawberry. The shop that I was getting my liquid from went out of business and I am struggling to find a good replacement. All the Kiwi Strawberry/ Strawberry-Kiwi e-juice that is out there is way to sweet.


Are you looking for a recipe or flavor?


Either. Haven’t done the DIY stuff let but I am willing to try since I can’t find a good substitute


Start on the recipe side and search with kiwi strawberry in the search terms and see what comes up. See which are rated highest and try there.


Where are you based? Maybe someone might offer to make you some…


Real Flavors Kiwi Strawberry SC is very good it is on the sweet side but that can be countered a little with a citric and malic acid combo


I am in St. Louis Missouri


My step-daughter vapes this…

Kiwi Melon Strawberry
5.00% Kiwi (FA)
3.00% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
2.50% Watermelon (Inawera)
0.20% Sweetener (TPA)


Agree with what @woftam said. Also, Nicotine River has an excellent one called Kigola. Damn good as a SA but I tend to boost the strawbs a bit.


Thanks Guys. Ordered my supplies this morning. We will see what I can come up with


If you search for Kanzi, you’ll find plenty… mixed with watermelon. Seems like a very popular combination which I am going to try tonight as well :slight_smile:


Damn this is good :slight_smile: