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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


Iv got one of the little square android boxes with kodi on and gotta say I love it .
I some how managed to bungle my way through setting it up myself but I couldn’t tell you how .
But one thing iv been noticing lately is (for example say I’m watching season 5 of the walking dead il get about 3 episodes in and try to watch episode 4 but it will only play episode 1 again until I scroll right down the list of sources and find one but there never HD


It’s not just me either this happens to my dad and brother and they bought theirs pre loaded


My daughter gave me a Raspberry Pi + with Kodi pre loaded about two years ago with Genesis, Project FreeTV and Phoenix on the main menu, eventually they all stopped working and I had to learn how to add content myself. I`m hardly proficient but I get by.
Best thing since sliced bread and free too


A most excellent thread. Thanks for starting it. I’ve used Kodi for 7 or 8 months and don’t know how I lived without it. I’m using Exodus linked in to Trakt.TV to set up my favorites for TV and Movies. I’ll be looking forward to some new repositories. I need a good one for live sports. I’m using Sports Devil and it’s been hit or miss.


I can’t stress it enough if you are using addons that get content from unknown sources - protect yourself with a vpn it is generally a dollar or two per month but it could save you a lot more than that.


This is the reason I haven’t jumped on the Kodi experience yet but I do have several friends that use it.If I didn’t have to have my live sporting events I would have already made the switch.
I would love to know more about how to set up a VPN if you know of a good guide or a way that is so very simple that even I would understand?:smiley:


It is exceptionally simple depending on who the provider is.

I use http://vpnarea.com/ they have their own sofware called chameleon it is as simple as a download and put in your u/n and password (which you choose when you sign up) select the server you want to connect to and click on connect.

They have a few servers that they dont want you to connect to for torrents etc but if you decide to pull the trigger on it I can post simple instructions with screen shots for you (most of the setup is detailed in the members area or on their forum).


I run kodi / openelec on my Raspberry Pi , works great and because it runs from a flash card I can swap it out for my old skool games system retro arch libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-2/ running nes, snes, sega, amiga emulators

My Raspberry Pi:

My USB snes controller:


Saw your posts and had to chip in. I’ve just installed ARESWIZARD on both of my FireSticks and it is awesome. Streaming every live channel you can think of, complete access to all the very latest movies in great quality, and the pulse layout is really well thought out and easy to use. It took me literally 10 minutes to install the first time and five the second time. Check out this youtube page for a quick view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mncyo2cRWk4
Or if you want to get even more check out the KodiNoLimits Magic app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO6fopdgH4Q I’ve put this on my Raspberry Pi running DietPi and it really does the business. Again very quick to install.
Just a quick point though, you may find like I did, that if you try to clean your current Kodi and install from there you may get errors. Instead Use ES FILE EXPLORER on firestick to install the latest version of KODI (this is also the fix if you try to clean and install and get the errors so don’t panic! :slight_smile: )
Happy Streaming


Follow this guy and you can’t go wrong
This is his repository


I’ve been offering android boxes and firesticks for sale for about a year and I’ve been using android myself cause there are many apps that will stream live tv real-time… Mobdro is just one…I also have a pure Linux box designed just for kodi called the arnu Mach 10 just amazing…


The best thing and most important is to use an addon or wizard to keep your cache and packages clean there are alot out there… I suggest using echo wizard… It has alot of great content to keep your kodi running smoothly… Alot of advance settings and basic tools for newbies…


Where are you located?


I’m in Canada. Calgary to be exact.


Can anyone suggest some cost effective systems with the power needed to run 1080P with small form factor?


Ok… I was really interested in this Kodi thing, but I’m a big
FAIL , it seems.

I keep getting ‘failed dependency’ type errors. Things just won’t
install or run, just keep getting a ‘dependency’ error. Following @ringling’s
instructions. Do I need a vpn to alleviate this error?

The link you shared is over $4 per month. Did you have a less
expensive one?


I’m not sure why you be getting this error but it should not be due to not having a VPN. I run Kodi without on a desktop and a laptop without VPN.


I’m on a laptop. :frowning:
windows 10


Good, I was just gonna ask you that question. Agree, you do not need a VPN to install or even run Kodi. A VPN hides you location and some keep you secure I believe. I don’t know enough about them myself yet. OK, what are you trying to install, the link I gave you? Did the install completely fail or are you installed and you are trying to add content?


Kodi is installed and had no issues doing so.

Let me give you what I tried that would seem simple, but doesn’t work.
Under ‘System’ , ‘Settings’, ‘Weather’, I clicked on ‘Service for weather information’ - None’
then 'Get more…'
tried Weather Underground and Yahoo! Weather . when I click on either one, it seems it will install, but
then I get error ‘Failed to install dependency’

Went to Video add-ons
tried to install several of the listed add-ons and either nothing happens when I click on ‘install’, or I get ‘failed to install dependency’