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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


OK, great. What I suggest is not worry about the weather thing at this point. More that likely you are dealing with a server that is too busy, or down for maintenance, or something of these lines. You can try it again later. I installed the build that @Bizzytech typed about (Thank You Very Much) and it looks like something that will appeal to the ladies and has stuff for everyone as well. Looks like a good starter build. Watch this video and do what this lady says and you will fairly easily set up Kodi with some decent content…

@Alisa, I want you to be sure you realize that Kodi, though very cool and interesting, is not the perfect TV machine. Live TV channels are difficult without lots of memory and a fast internet connection. It’s best for movies and video, but, you will notice some are better than others since some will be buffering all the time. Those you avoid. Also, I suggest once you have your build set up that you run Kodi in a window. I’ll have to find where the setting is and let you know. It seems kinda essential to me cause you can minimize the window if needed AND shut it down easily if needed. Kodi will freeze up sometimes when you’re trying out new stuff that you have no idea whether it works or not. Also, Kodi does like to be shut down and may freeze. Closing a window shuts it down instantly with no hassle…


Yahoo has been having issues


I would love to have that lady’s build, @ringling ! How do I get it? I watched that video and she’s just showing it all off until about 3/4ths thru the video and she says, "ok, this is how you get this build - go to aries wizard… " Well, where the heck is Aries Wizard? She never said where to find that. lol


Here in the U.K. Our ISP blocks certain things… To be honest I’ve learned it’s for our own safety as the internet dissolves…


At 16:00 she tells you how to install ARES Wizard as I just did.

Is there a FRESH START option in the SYSTEM submenu (possibly says maintenance). If you find the FRESH START then you can save installing it twice. Being a fresh start will wipe out everything except Kodi then if you had to install Ares wizard to do the FRESH START, then you’ll have to install it again to install the build. You will only have to install Ares Wizard once IF, you find a FRESH START option in Kodi itself. Make sure you close Kodi after the FRESH START and start it back up…

At 13:00 she shows you the FRESH START which will basically make you install Ares Wizard a 2nd time. Also, you will have to do that step to get a pin# so pay attention to that in the video too. You apparently will have to skip around…

Don’t know how clear I’m being so…

Look for a FRESH START option first. If you find one then perform a Fresh Start, Shutdown Kodi and restart. Install Ares Wizard. Run Ares Wizard. At some point you will have to get a Pin#. Install Pulse…

If you do not find a Fresh Start option then Install Ares Wizard, perform a Fresh Start, Shutdown, Boot back up, reinstall Ares Wizard.

Get the pin when asked to. Install PULSE build.

Hope this is clear enough. With these words of SEMI Wisdom and the video, you should get this going easy enough. What you need is in the video but you are not quite realizing it just yet. You’ll see soon enough. It’s really not all that hard to do this stuff…


Happy new year


Happy New Year !!!


Got it! Thanks to your wisdom and patience @ringling ! Thank you. I have to go play with it now that it’s installed and working. Yay! :yum:


Need to tell everyone a FIX you need to do. Those who are using 123movies, they have moved their website to a different URL. You must update this if you want to continue to use 123movies. Here’s how you do it…

Click SEARCH and type in 123movies
Right click on 123movies
Highlight Site-Url
Edit URL to read http:// 123movies.moscow (http:// 123movies.ru MAY work also) [EDIT by JoJo: take out the spaces between http:// and 123movies after copy/pasting]
Click OK

Get out of System Settings and shutdown Kodi
Restart Kodi and 123movies should update and you’ll be good to go…

Also, Yesmovies for some reason was down yesterday but luckily it was only temporary…

These are my 2 favorite movie channels…


Well how’s it going, you like it? Did I tell you about tweaking the Video Memory cache yet in Ares Wizard?


Guys, Gals, I do not dabble in saving to clouds online but see a need for a PUBLIC accessible area for us all to exchange graphics and other things for Kodi. Those in the know please tell me what I can do to set this up for us. Thanks…


streaming video will use that up very fast


Hi guys when I was a dev at Emby I didn tons of genre images and others if you want to get them they are still hosted in the emby source I also have them somewhere on my web server I will dig up a url if required by anyone

people are still making them using the psd file I produced there are literally 1000’s

they have folder and thumb images and look like


I use the beast on an amazon fire box. There are tons of how to videos on YouTube. Best build ever imo


So far Wookie has been my favorite, once I get done with it that is. Where can I get this Beast build to check it out? Case you’re interested…



Thanks I will! If you look up either Chris b or tech timeruu on YouTube, there are videos on how to get it. Also Chris b the beast on Facebook has a ton of good info.


I thought as much…so I guess if I switched I would be paying just as much in internet as I do cable now…and I love my sports channels…especially Red Zone and my NFL Sunday Ticket!!!


When I cut my cable to switch to Netflix + Playstation Vue on Roku boxes I lost my unlimited Uverse data and had a 1TB cap. I also work from home and have to download a lot of 100mb installers for testing software, my brother plays online games and his girlfriend watches/streams lots of tv. 4 days into the first month we had used 40 or 50% of the data so I had to pay $30/mo more to Uverse for unlimited data.


Where I live there is very limited internet suppliers and I have the cheapest one…I pay $75 a month for my equipment and 10GB…its ridiculous, but I don’t really know what else I can do to get internet here…If I go over I have to pay $10 for every extra GB I get…


Geez your suppliers really do suck, i couldn’t live with such suppliers, no way.
I really feel you right now.