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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


I’m installing now…


Suggest your use the CONFIG in the submenu of SYSTEM and set up your advanced settings. It will config Kodi’s advanced settings per your available memory. Actually everyone should do this no matter your equipment…


What did you decide to install? What do you think?


My god , after digging deeper into the program i found out its not Kodi but OSMC, or is that the same thing ??


Sounds to me that OSMC is a linux type operating system. Kodi is nothing more than a Program/App. Big difference. Kodi can run on Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, Raspberry. Pretty Versitile App…


Osmc is a Linux distro with a Kodi based front-end


I installed your Jupiter build but didn’t have time to really mess with it, I’ll take a look over the weekend. :+1:


I do use the OSMC with my raspberry tough i dunno if the KODI would even top it because tbh, it does the trick with no problems.

True, installed it on a small micro sd for the raspberry, i do not know if KODI also goes trough a Linux enviroment or is it another way for it to communicate to the raspberry ?


Kodi will need an OS to communicate with the raspberry but there are different options.
But I’m definitely no expert in the matter and only use a few options in kodi


No sooner got all builds completely updated and working and the day after 4 major repos are now down for good. Ares Project, Colossus, Smash, and Origin are down. Most will still work, but some will not. This coming week I am going to redo only ONE build till the dust settles. Let you know when it is done…




Sweeping back the ocean with a toothbrush. Reminds me of the crackdown on drugs…


Buddy, I agree with you, but most of the VPNs which available in the market are unreliable. However I am using IPVanish VPN with my Kodi, and I must say it is the best VPN for Kodi. Kodi user users can access any block addon with it without any fear of getting tracked.


I use private internet access (PIA). Never had any problems. With them.


I agree that if you are going to use Kodi then you should use a VPN. It’s also a good idea to use a VPN just for general privacy and security. I use Nord VPN and have not had any issues.


My wife and I have been using Kodi on our Shield TV pro that we purchased for our living room just to watch Kodi. one of our favorite pastimes is to make hot dogs, popcorn and have glasses of coke with a straw, then we start one of the CAM movies that are still in theaters, Inevitably you will hear others in the theater talking and we shush them, then when we see the shadow of the people walk in front of the CAM carrying their popcorn and cokes toward their seats we jeer them and throw popcorn at the TV!


LOL! That sounds like fun!


so true, just found out recently that my local theater, an AMC, sells beer :open_mouth: like $10 but still haha


trying to find a good iptv service, but no interested in subscriptions as we usually just watch youtube or twitch.


Troypoint.com usually has a lot of updates on kodi. He also has his own super build that you’re able to get it you subscribe to his newsletter. He also has a lot of promos on IPVanish.