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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


I am still in the learning phase. I have been watching youtube videos. I think i screwed something up because i cant get kodi to load.I think im just going to start over.


I have a ROKU 4K TV and already have more channels than I can watch, and can load m3u lists to add more channels. The Pastebin list mentioned above works on ROKU. I have tried experimenting with KODI on my laptop and was able to add some content, but nothing yet that I cannot already get on ROKU. KODI seems overly complicated and time consuming but I’ll keep playing with it. I did manage to change the skin LOL. Thanks for the tips and tricks.


i programmed a micro SD with Kodi i think , been using it on my raspberry pie, not sure if it was Kodi tough , more like some sort of a linux media player…


Any decent/working repositories for 17?
I’ve tried Super Repo and tvaddons not much luck.

Im looking at these now…


Got a new LG 55" SUHD TV coming today. Currently use a firestick and use a paid sports service on it. I believe I can use something called a Matrix TV Browser with my sports sub on an LG Smart Tv. I realise I will lose all the repository kodi stuff, but it is just the sports bit I am interested in as I am still a old school usenet user for anything else.

Anyone have any experience of setting this browser up in place of kodi for watching streams and is it easy to do?


Any repo that includes Covenant or UK Turks addons will benefit you. I am sure any good build will likely include these 2 as part of the installation also. Personally switched to a paid iptv service and worth every penny imho.


I think my problem was that the instructions I was following were for a different Kodi version than what I have (KRYPTON 17.5) so it was confusing to this Kodi novice. I was able to follow a simple instructional YouTube video and successfully load ARES. Holy Moly! A girl named Mchanga has several videos as linked above and I just had to find the video using Kypton 17.5. She walked me through it. She makes it so simple that even an idiot (me) can do it!


I been using Kodi for 2 years now…some of the good add ons have left…but still some good ones out there…I belong to a few user groups on FB an they have some good ones up to date…but now I use SET TV…its a IPTV servive…nand its very good…worth the 20,00 a month…has a ton of channels plus it has lots of current movies in the on demand section…some are still in theaters
here is a link to check it out https://www.setvnow.com/

it does have its quirks here an there but not bad…it was this that made me cut cable off…even has PPv events for free…tons of sports…to get the best of Kodi you need a good scraper service…they are cheap…but you get way more choices as far as links for movies or tv shows…an no verification stuff either…but the SET TV is the best of both worlds an can be intergrated into Kodi…as a video add on


From that list I use Colossus, Noobs&Nerds, and Ares Project. MuckyDuck I love 123movies or Yesmovies but I have given up on those since they spend as much time down as they do up. You should stay away from superrepo too. Other repositories are Maverick, Merlin, Supremacy, Streamarmy, Back2basics, and many, many more. Most repos out there only have one or two addons in them for installation of their own addons…

Are you looking to start making your own builds or just upgrade your kodi?

I have written numerous builds and want to give everyone access to them here but ran into a snag. I changed the wizard to sometime new and it appears there is a extraction problem with builds that use a library. Five of my builds will not install because of this problem. Gonna need a little more time. I’m gonna set up a temporary repo which uses to old wizard hopefully today so you guys can play with some builds if you like…


I just use Kodi on my Raspberry Pi with the latest version and if I can find one add-on that has decent films on it that my ISP hasn’t blocked, I’m more than happy.


You need to use a vpn.


@grubby have you tried changing your dns on your router (and pc) to google & most of the blocks are dns based. A vpn would certainly solve it as well


As others have said, a VPN will fix your ISP blocking. I use this one. Very inexpensive yet works well…



I use that one as well. PIA.


Brunkezz ;:
i programmed a micro SD with Kodi i think , been using it on my raspberry pie, not sure if it was Kodi tough , more like some sort of a linux media player…

Ok been digging in that program yesterday and found out it was KODI, been on there a while and had the APP TV skin that doesn’t show its KODI, it works more simple and easyer imo.


Just a taste of only one of my builds.

Add: https://archive.org/download/Jupiter1Repo/ (exactly like this) to FILE MANAGER, Name it JUPITER ONE
ADDONS, INSTALL FROM ZIP, Jupiter One, click on the zip file.
ADDONS, Install from repository, Jupiter One, Programs, Jupiter One wizard. Install

Once installed the Jupiter One wizard will allow you to install any build I have created in about 10-15 mins time.
Always use the Fresh Install if you already have another build installed. For those of you running Kodi on a PC I highly recommend that you allow the builds to update before starting to play. Kodi 17+ likes to crash if it has a lot of updates and you mess around too much. This is good advice no matter who’s addons/builds you install. For those who are complete beginners and need a little more details, I hopefully will have a little more time soon to make up some more detailed instructions…

Please let me know what you think of Jupiter One…



Thats nice stuff, lemme try getting that on my player, did not even know this was possible.


Gonna test run it on my laptop then, if it works for me, move it to my Raspberry Pi, thanks!


Don’t know if it will effect anyone trying to install but just so you know I am pushing updates right now. If all goes well the repo will have 2 video addons for movies and TV, one addon I fixed for Docs, and one addon I brought back from the dead for wrestling. Hope to finish by tonight…