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Koolada TPA


Haven’t tried polar blast or ws-23 yet, koolada is suppposed to be 2x stronger than regular menthol (so i heard)
i got 60ml of koolada and extreme ice so between the two, thats lasted me the past year and its as cold as i can handle it (or my wife who only vapes menthol/ice recipes)
Def a good additive though, if you like iced, as its cold with no flavor


I just tried a few of the mixes I had made with ws-23. It is fantastic. I got it from cigexpress. I think the only kind they have is a 30/70 (ws-23/pg). It is extremely cool. In terms of cool, they turned out exactly like the Malaysian ice ejuice. So if u liked the cool u got from Slow Blow by Nasty Juice or the Fantasi ice liquids, u will like ws-23.

Before I got ws-23, the koolada 10% wasn’t cutting it for me. I have used it up to 2%, but still wasn’t what I had in mind.

This time I put 0.5% koolada + 1.50% ws-23. The result was a bit too cool. I might drop the koolada altogether or reduce the ws-23 to 1%.

I would highly recommend the ws-23 30%.
Does not mute flavors for me. Use it @ 1.5% for very cool or a little less depending on how cool u want.


It might be a good time to order from ecigexpress before Jan 1st. The have a 20% off store wide with code NEWYEAR2018


Bull city flavor now sells ws-23 30%