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Koolada TPA


Ok I’ve wondered long enough. What is Koolada? Is it a menthol or … ?
And yes before anyone suggests, I did a search of the forum posts. I’ve read that it acts as a cooling agent (whatever that means) but no where, that I could find anyway, does anyone say if it is or isn’t a menthol. Since I’m starting to mix up my summer (warm weather) recipes I’d like to give them a cooler taste but don’t want to ad menthol.


It has no taste, just the cold bite of menthol. I prefer .5 - .75 %.


Pretty much what Underanne said, its a tasteless menthol. Literally, no taste, just the cooling effect.

“intense lingering cooling trigeminal effect. the cooling sensation slowly but steadily grows to a lin…”


That’s all that was on TPA’s MSDS page, I wish I knew what the rest of the sentence was…


Thanks Anne :sunglasses:


FA has their own version called Polar Blast which is nice also.


TPA Koolada uses the chemical compound koolada-3 while FA Polar Blast uses L-menthyl lactate and WS-3 (N-Ethyl-p-menthane-3-carboxamide).

I wonder what the differences are between the two in perception/ mouth-feel. I am sure neither have any taste but it is curious that the FA version doesn’t have any koolada in it. Unexpected.


The CAS number for what TPA calls “koolada-3” (at “>=10% and <50%”) refers to WS-3 - the same stuff that’s used at 7% in FA Polar Blast.

I’ve not seen L-menthyl lactate used in any other vaping ingredient but from the chemical formula I’d expect it to be another ‘super-freeze’-type compound.

No idea whereabouts you’re based but the cooling agent that’s popular in Europe right now is WS-23 (CAS 51115-67-4, C10 H12 N O).


it’s not a menthol… in small percentages (0 .5 - 1.0%) it just adds a cool fresh feeling in the taste…
although it doesn’t have a taste on it’s own…just careful to not don’t overuse (i would say… i would suggest not use over 1,5% MAX in any case)

when it’s overused usually mutes other flavors, while leaving a somewhat “slimy” taste… (i learnt that by the hard way) :stuck_out_tongue: lol
in general i would say not waiting to pop up other flavors as well like menthol does…
works great with fuits and beverages in general :slight_smile:

i haven’t tried to use any other koolada flavor than tpa b.t.w.
if you want to try kinda a different “mentholish” flavor i would say try “Wintergreen” by Tpa… (not sure if there is another company making that thing)


Hey Bath! Is the WS-23 molecularly similar to WS-3? I’m allergic to koolada and have been trying to find something similar but different, if that makes sense. :wink: Does the WS-23 have a brand name or somewhere that I could buy it over on this side of the big water to try it out?


All these cooling compounds look pretty close but I’ve no idea whether an allergy would be connected to a specific formula or everything that’s similar.

WS-3 - C13 H25 N O - TPA Koolada
WS-23 - C10 H12 N O - adds a ‘freeze-effect’ similar to some Malaysian juices
WS-5 - C15 H27 N O3 - a super-strength Koolada, I think

I’ve not found any brands for WS-23 although I think it’s the main constituent of SuperVape’s CyberFresh 2.0 which is available from several French retailers.

I believe that two UK retailers (DripHacks and Chefs Flavours) obtained their stocks from different chemical supply companies as it seems that they’re very different strengths / potencies - which, as you can imagine, poses ‘interesting’ problems for recipes!

There’s a chance that John Grefe of Congrevape has managed to track some down to do some taste-testing but probably your best bet is to hassle Kimberly at OSDIY to add a small quantity to her next one-shot order from Chefs…


Great idea. I didn’t realize she ordered from Chef’s. I love OSDIY and hate that I don’t buy from there more often. She’s great. :smiley:


I love a few of OSDIY’s blends - I’m vaping a concoction using Lotta Latte right now!

The admins from VHM kinda pushed the two retailers together from both sides of the Atlantic at the end of last year and I think sales are good at either end.

OSDIY are stocking a small selection of Chefs’ top-selling one-shots plus a couple of UK-made concentrates (including the delicious Devon Cream) not otherwise available in the States.


I don’t know what it is but I know I quit using it and exclusively use Capella Cool Mint at about 5%. The menthol and koolada wreak havoc on coils and not awesome on the lungs if you vape heavy.


Hi bv :slight_smile:
Bit of a necro, but may I ask how you knew that Polar Blast has 7% WS-3 / Menthol Carboxamide ?


They are listed as ingredients in an MSDS that appears to originate from FlavourArt Italy.

I can’t attach a pdf but this is a partial screen capture:


I’m so bummed about this. I finally caved and bought the Polar Blast hoping it wasn’t the same as koolada. :frowning: I haven’t tried it yet so maybe I won’t have the same problems with it that I had with koolada. :confused:


If FA Polar Blast doesn’t agree with you, try some WS-23 (now available from ECX).


What I have read (i don’t remember right now where) is that Koolada actual is Menthol in PG warmed for several hours, that makes Menthol flavorless.


Yeah, I’ve been wanting to try that one as well. I’ll get around to it eventually, I just haven’t made an order with ECX in awhile. It’s on my shortlist though.


I recently purchased one because the tp koolada wasn’t really giving me what I wanted. Just tried the ws-23 in a few recipes. I’ll review in a week.