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Kylin Rta help


Can anyone point me in the rite direction.
I need a spare top fill ring for my Kylin
Many thanks


I guess you are talking about the O-ring, if so, you should have plenty spares in your Kylin box, or you can check other RTA 24mm-25mm boxes with spare O-rings, or email-call Kylin customer service. or your nearest vape shop.
Still half asleep-hope this helps
where’s my coffee!!!


I emailed them to see what we could do, I’ll let ya know when they get back to me. :wink:


No o-rings in the little spares baggie?


It is the metal ring that crews into the chiney and holds glass down NOT O ring


I have the kylin rta and all it does is leak from the base. I stopped using mine and bought a bravo rta and have not had a problem since. also the man behind the bravo rta is a US Vet from the Marines


try the Bogan method, expect cussing, bad words etc.


hes funny. I don’t mind the cussing. I cuss myself …just like him lol