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LA- Nutty Ameretto, HELP! I can't think of anything to use this in!


I found LA- Nutty Ameretto on sale for a whopping .79 cents back several weeks ago and I being the save a penny gal that I am, I had to buy it. Even though I had no recipes calling for it or even the first clue what I could make with it. I have searched high and low and tinkered but still can not find nor come up with anything to use this flavoring in. I have only come across a slim few recipes with it in them and they have all been pretty much acholo flavored juices, which I persoanlly just don’t have the taste for. SOOOOO… is there anyone that might have a good recipe they would be willing to share with me to use my LA- Nutty Ameretto in, or have any recommendations on flavors that would be a good starting point to mix with it for me. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank You in Advance.


What about an Amaretto Cheesecake? A little bit of whatever cheesecake and a little bit FA Almond.


sadly but perhaps baking, wondering where u got it from since it looks like an oil. They have excellent flavorings but not all are deemed vapeable.


May be dangerous to vape. Flavor is not water soluble, contains oil etc.
Source: LorAnn MSDS document


Might just wanna save that to put in your coffee.


I purchased the Nutty Ameretto at Wizard Labs which is where we buy a lot of our flavorings from. We really only shop at 2 places Wizard Labs and Ecigexpress. I assumed it was a vapeable flavoring seeing as how it was listed with diy ejuice flavorings. But thank you all for your help and the links. It is greatly appreciated.


They do have other flavors for baking there, They are a great company but u have to check into them before u buy especially w/ LA, id BM that handy chart and /or look in ELR’s flavor lisiting before u buy tho. 79 cents isn’t too much to gripe about but i know exactly the excitement u had.


that sound very good


A little advice for future purchases… no matter how cheap… research, research, research any flavor before you purchase it. Some flavors are just duds or unusable, but it only take a few minutes to find that out.

As for finding a good recipe I usually search google for any NEW flavor I want to try in a recipe… like…

I’ve had pretty good luck finding good pairings using this method.