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Lateral wind shear


Anybody ever been an up close and personal witness to lateral wind shear

and that’s what I look like with wet pants on.


Homeowners cover that?


God I hope so


oh yeah! Hope everyone is safe… In Texas I saw a small neighborhood totally trashed while there was no damage on surrounding blocks. All the trees were pulled up by their roots …big old trees laying on their sides with giant root clumps. It was like a tornado touched down on just two blocks. The street was totally impassable until they could clear all the trees and debris. Never saw anything like it. I think someone told me it was a “Downburst”


DAY-UM! Mother Nature can be a harsh bitch when she wants! Hope everyone is safe and sound. Buildings and cars can be repaired and/or replaced. Lives can’t. Here’s to hoping your HOI claim goes smoothly!


I’m the only one that got hit and all it did was fuck my carport.


Yes. Not a pleasant feeling, and a definite reminder that things can change in a blink of an eye (especially when it comes to mother nature).

I’m thankful that there’s no report of injury or loss of life. Glad y’all are still with us, and sorry for your loss.


Yup took a couple trees here in South alabama and layed them in my deck


INS is doing an estimate as we speak, then I can accept it or have one of my own done and they’ll decide. In my mind I think the whole thing should be replaced and if the contractor is not able to acaquire exact match material he will have to.


Wow, that is rough! What state are you in?


They’ll most likely have to replace the whole thing. If it’s been out in the elements for any amount of time, there’s bound to be some definite color difference between old & new materials. From experience I can tell you that paint doesn’t like to stick to the finish used on that type of metal. It tends to flake and peel pretty badly. Good news is that you’ll have a new carport, but the bad news is that it might bump the premiums a little.

At least the adjustor got out there in a reasonable amount of time!


chuckles Are they going to deport the remainder of your awning?

(Sorry. Growing up in South Texas…INS has always been associated with the Immigration & Naturalization Service, aka La Migra!)

Apologies if it’s too soon. Was just going for a smile or chuckle, as that’s usually how I try to deal with crap like this)


Well, if you saw the pics, it looked like the front half had already been removed for “processing”!


Good old California home of movies and earthquakes now the home to WTF happened to my roof. lmao


Not too soon, but I think I need some ICE for my scotch. lmao


We have had that here before. It usually tears shingles off of roof tops and takes down big trees because it comes in so hard and fast the tree cant stay standing.


So my Insurance company just direct deposited the money in my account and it’s up to me to handle everything. I finally got in touch with a few contractors one insisted on doing a bid via email, then arguing about whether or not my carport is attached to my mobile home. The second one gives me a cryptic answer hat he has to talk to Jonathon first (he was the adjuster) I tried to explain that they cashed me out and Jonathon had nothing to do with it. Finally get the third out he gives me a bid when I call him back two days after he was supposed to call me, he slates it was because he was so busy. I call the second one back and he tells me his nephew already came out and bid it and he won’t step on his toes then it hits me the guy that gave me the second bid is named Jonathon, he wasn’t going to talk to my adjuster he was going to talk to his nephew what a cluster fuck

So I go in the office to pay my association fees and the manager asks me what’s going on with it because some have complained. I ask who she wouldn’t tell me so I told her to have the come see me when they complain but beware the first thing I’ll tell them is mind they’re own f’ing business and the last thing I’m going to tell them is to kiss my ass.

Oh yeah my contractor is 6 weeks out for replacing it he is that busy.


Exactly why I don’t live anywhere remotely near a HOA neighborhood.
I went through similar issues when I was stationed in San Diego and again in Jacksonville, Florida.
Seems they didn’t understand the concept of other people’s schedules.