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Laura's review for the Solo 2 Review


These are the contents of the kit: coils are kanthal wire .25 ohms. The wattage is 30/40/50

5 clicks on/off. 3 clicks to change wattage. Red is low 30w/white is medium 40w/blue is high 50w

Atty comes off at top of mod. Coil screws into the top of atty.

This is pretty neat. Silicone stoppers to prevent leaking. Top fill.
I am doing this review because i won this and was asked to review it. I have never done a review. Ha.


Looks good to me. Simple device. Short review. Perfect!


After priming coil and filling.
Wow! This thing has amazing flavor. Literally on the first draw. I was super skeptical of a pen mod. This is a prefect work mod.


Great job with the review Laura. Hopefully more to follow. I’m not sure what I like more, reading hardware reviews or buying and using the hardware. I am kind of rediscovering the smaller setups, a lot easier to just grab and go for shopping or driving.


That’s a good note to add to the review, the personal experience is always a good interest point, great pics! nice simple device, great for people who have just come off the stinkies. Thanks for sharing! :wink:


Nice! I love the rainbow color (why don’t I have anything rainbow-y?!). How’s the flavor in those coils?


Flavor is phenomenal @VapeyMama.
Flavors shine right out of the gate. Coil needs little to no priming before it is ready. The clouds are pretty insane for a small device. I was like " damn I going to actual use this mod. Hell yea!"


Thanks for the review, Laura, you did great! :+1:


Nice review. I have been on the fence about a pen. Thinking it would be something good when I need a small on the go vape.


Looks good! Thanks for the review!


Thanks for posting this up @Laura5.


We passed it on to mom and she loves it! Great beginner mod or for people who want to use a little higher nicotine. Well, ninja vapers as well haha! Thanks man!