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Lawsuit Against The FDA 2018 #FUNDTHESUIT


Just curious, as I am usually a bit skeptical about fundraiser or donations, how much of this is ACTUALLY going to the cause? You ask companies what % of your donation actually goes to it and you’ll be shocked to see that the answer would be something like this"

“oh, 7.5% of your donation goes to the actual cause”
“wow, that’s unexpected, where does the rest go?”
“Have a good day, sir”
“-but where does the rest go, I thought you said this was a donation?”
“I said, have a GOOD DAY, sir!”


I know what you mean. Yeah I have ben surprised in the past with the major charities. Not exactly sire about this but I know most of the vape advocacy groups are very minimal in staff. So I like to think they are putting the funds to use correctly.


We got to get FDA to comply, there’s stregnth in numbers. What’s sad is it all boils down to big pharma has to get a piece of the pie. So they (Federal Government period) says causes cancer yada yada yada…so them and FDA are big players. They make money killing people with all the unnecessary chemicals. So you have health care coverage, now since the medicine isn’t covered under you plan at least a generic version hasn’t even been made and marketed yet so you and me got to pay $25-$1,000 per pill (for cancer patients, for example.) My wife works as a cosmetologist at a retail Pharmacy Chain. She’s told me for instance that she’s over heard horror stories how expensive retail charges on a specific medicine that was discovered in a lab to cure many. Now it’s suddenly helping healing a certain disease. Sadly it’s eventually taken off of the Market only to be replaced with something that causes physical/internal damage. All to keep the hospitals like an assembly line. Cost to mass produce these drugs is pennies on the dollar and give lots of DR’s,hospitals etc. Lots of FREE samples and viole you see,feel a difference. Other than that side effects start, more health issues arrive. The really sad part is when they decide to pull the carpet out from under your feet your on a fixed budget and you have the choice to eat that month or buy a new poison that’s almost impossible for us to realize that people are actually killing themselves slowly… and FDA & Big Pharma are really banking big $$ now. Talking billions in profits by doing what ??? Committing Murder. Last I read murder especially pre meditated murder, you usually get Life or Death as your conviction is deemed Guilty as charged !!! So then it’s different someone we may know was protecting himself and Family and now he/she’s a murderer because he did the most honorable thing by protecting his Family.

So now there really stomping there feet, like a spoiled bunch of little kids. This juice has to be mixed and monitored by FDA to be sure that it’s got carcinogens in it, just like Tobacco. Folks, people are going to start getting sick(this is how I see thru my eyes, right wrong or indifferent) we are going to find other avenues to getting our ingredients. I’m not a negative person what’s over but I would make a wager that if we don’t get enough support and monies life may suck for us. If FEDS decide that the producers of our products are making VG, PG, Concentrates etc. Cleaner, :100: times healthier for us. And there we’ve got a conglomeration now run and monitored by them. They have to have control over everything and I mean everything. Including Life,Death & Taxes. If we really want to fight and I’m talking fight and it’s gotta be us all to have some power to do what it takes to stop this madness, once we all as a Team on the same page, there got to be millions of vapors out there. We can give them a run for there :moneybag: need numbers and money and may need some shrinks on our team that can un brain wash the Hundreds of thousands that are told what the government has planted in there brains or lack there of. this is my opinion on what I read (not propaganda) what I hear (that are factual) and I only wish I snap my fingers and fix everything in our favor. I don’t really mind being taxed if that’s what it’s going to take to win. At least we’ll be happy we can continue teaching folks the benefits of not smoking, chewing etc…but instead teach them the truth from our side of the road.One of our jobs as vapors or supporters is to educate these people with facts. We’re walking,talking miracles thanks to our founding vape Fathers who educated us with the knowledge they new at the time and that was how to get off of cigarettes and feel better.
And it’s still working and going strong. I ultimately respect and Thank the vaping pioneers for showing us the new alternative to smoking. Especially thank all the advocates that are freely putting in there own time and not taking money, it’s either Passion or The Industry itself that some of these people are willing to sacrifice family Time to fight and advocate because there doing there best to continue to lay the foundation that will also give there kids, grandkids a path to follow. There are several reviewers, YouTubers that I really can sense there passion.
But get a petition wrote up pass it out (sadly, you’d be surprised at those that have and are sitting back and reaping the benefits) I realize some can’t get out to pass out factual knowledge. But, since there on the Web why not do something productive especially if time permits,which it does it may only be an HR a week that you can dedicate to a non profit or whatever and you don’t have to leave home. It’s a Win Win all around. There’s gonna be some that are going to chase the $$$ and speaking on what there told to say ( they’ll be puppets, not real, getting paid by FED Government or getting paid by one of the other anti Life organizations to promote all the “Bad” mostly made up or exaggerated. There using you (them) to march, hold signs that say total untruths about Vaping (not directed towards anyone here.) To me that person or people don’t even realize that there newly found higher-ups Really don’t give a Shit about you. You don’t have a name you’ve got a number and sitting there waiting for you to do your thing so they can move into your position and continue the lies. You’ll be nothing to them at all just as you were nothing to them but a weak minded person that chose to be a follower of corruption enticed by Money. Karma will come back and bite you on your ass and bite it hard. In the meantime now there going to tax the shit out of you on the money they “gave you” and hopefully people can see what’s going on with this whole thing.
If we gotta go to the highest courts with knowledgeable
people and remind them. The first line of the US Constitution that reads “We The People” that tells me that at one time we had power and used it very sternly.
The Constitution hasn’t changed at least not yet. So it doesn’t read " Those with the most toys" rules. Y’all have been fighting a battle for all of us to keep our freedom and rights Constitutional Thank You and let’s keep fighting together. Keep in mind the Big Bullies have got to somehow be stopped. If not what’s next on there Agenda to compromise on next ?? All about $$ and control over anything that can even remotely show some signs of weekness like a lion stalking a weekend elephant until he drops down then all the other lions are enjoying the benefits of strength in numbers. That was a stupid analogy but it’s ok. It’s my analogy is all. and I along with any of you all plan on protecting my rights as a Citizen of U.S. and stand my ground legally to the best of my ability to fight. I’m one of the billions that quit smoking thanks to the supportive Community in a whole that is.
And COPD for one of my personal sicknesses due to smoking cigarettes. It’s been a little over 1 yr 8 months that I officially stopped smoking.COPD hasn’t progressed since I permanently stopped. I’m totally stoked to be a walking testimony of the GOOD(vaping) vs Evil (Feds) Has impacted my health in a Positive setting. I appologize for going on & on. I wanted to share how I feel about this whole mess. Your personal experience is more than welcome if you would like to share. I Appreciate y’all

I Love my DIY Life it’s helped in so many other avenues other than smoking too. That’s my main reason I started vaping of course
Other Great things have happened too. We travel, We love life together and separately. So, we(wife & myself) made a deal. Her last words to me about smoking was " how long this time" and it amongst other things keeps my focus on winning the bet. Which is I’ll save as much $$ as I can, and she quoted & I had her sign that she was willing to match dollar for dollar. All done in good fun, unless she breaks our deal. Then it’s off to court with me being the Judge, Jury & executioner LMAO. So I’ve managed to save quit a bit of money ( wow, I was going thru money smoking too lots of it) so in October or November this year I’ll be collecting my winnings and hell I may even invite my wife to fly with me whichever destination tickles my fancy. J/K
Now if I can just get her to stop with the “your blowing out alot of Smoke” I feel like a broken record saying the same thing over and over. " I’m not smoking, I’m freaking vaping, no it’s not the same thing. Here taste this Recipe and drop a bit on your knuckle and tell me what you taste. Well it hasn’t happened yet and my odds are slowly diminishing. LOL
All done out of fun other than the fact that I’m standing my ground not leaning to the left or right but keeping focused and looking straight ahead on my journey.


A very good read my friend, Alot I want to add to and tell my story, as everybody here has one to tell. I will come back to this, as of now, been long day and I want to try a new recipe I dreamed up !!!


Thanks I appreciate that, I can hardly wait to read your vape testimony.
Good to know that I’m not crazy, dreaming of recipes must be part of the addiction. LoL
That’s Awesome !!


I’m satisfied that the people involved in the fundraising are more than enough to give the fund bonafides and integrity.
And do remember all of it goes to the lawyers! lol


I would like to see I give people the benefit of a doubt, but I’m a verify with document person, it’s in my genetics and in my job frame. I don’t want to donate 85% to someone just to have 15% of it actually go to the cause.
Too many took advantage of fundraising against the FDA for me to trust strangers, despite how well known they are.


Great thought sharing. Very true ! Really sad to observe such non sense everywhere. If FDA was on the real side of people and really concerned about their health then simply they would ban cigarettes ! Same thing for the food industry. MSG another big buck food additive shown to have many harmful side effects … nothing done. Dream one day consciousness will prevail …