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Lemon bakery recipes help please


My wife is finally going to quit smoking and I explained to her that tobacco recipes would be a bust compared to Kools.
I asked her what she would consider and she wants to try a lemon pastry/bakery flavor. She does not want any candy lemon types.
I went through a lot of recipes and only a few really complex recipes came from searching.
Im only good with recipes up to 5 flavors. Any help to get her over the hump is really appreciated!


I recently mixed up some rf sc lemon cookie with some cap sugar cookie, I haven’t tried it yet though it’s only 6 days old


I do like lemon cake inw. Lemon is not too overwhelming, the cake notes are heavy and dark too me. Mix with a touch of cream, 0.5%_0.25% billberry
Fa and a touch of custard and your off to the races.

Oddly enough that is what I’m vaping right now. Pm on Friday late night early Saturday I can give you my recpie.


Try @SthrnMixer 's Lime Light I know it is lime but a swap out of the lime for lemon would make a nice vape but it is a great recipe as it is


Nice simple and really good Single Flavor
Lemon Meringue Pie v1 (CAP)


(FA) Cookie
(FA) Custard
(FA) Lemon Sicily
(Tpa) Bavarian cream

It’s a simple bakery recipe with enough cream to round out the edges, yet still gives enough natural lemon and overall texture and thickness.

But there’s plenty other ideas, question is just how natural do you want it. Or how much bakery you want etc. Lol. Hence I left the percentage out for now, since it’s subjective anyways.



Everyone seems to really enjoy this mix.
Unfortunately it is a 6 Flavor Concentrate Recipe. Maybe you will reconsider?


you could try mine too :wink:


This should fit the bill quite nicely!
(and of course, you can follow the links to the original should you desire!)