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Lemonade recipe help


I am having trouble getting a recipe down using lemonade. Any suggestions? I use only flavorah flavors…


You got a ton of lemonades to check out here.


It’s not FLV, but have you tried .1% to .3% LA Tart and Sour with a lemon flavor?


Do you only use them because it’s what you have, or you are only willing to use that brand?
If you’re willing to branch out, I highly recommend Purilum lemonade (and strawberry lemonade!). I’ve tried my hand at a pretty decent number of lemonade mixes and never found one that I liked until I tried the purilum ones. I mix them as single flavors at 4.5% and they are absolutely delicious.


Flavour Arts Lemon Scicily makes a great lemonade!


I have been chasing after Elements Pink Lemonade ever since I started DIY. Have you tried this premium yourself? It is literally the ONLY thing I am willing to buy and will probably die chasing a perfect clone of it.

I actually have PUR Lemonade arriving in the next couple of days. I am very excited after reading what you have posted on it.

If ANYONE has any leads on a clone for Elements Pink Lemonade, I am happy to hear your suggestions. Also, the recipe out there by Micah is not even remotely close, so please do not post a link to it…


I actually have tried elements pink lemonade but honestly it’s been too long since I have to really remember.

:laughing: I won’t! The Purilum lemonades are better than that recipe (which I’ve also tried).


This is as close as I got to it?
It has all the flavour profiles of the original liquid and is a very fine vape as it stands and is very popular amongst my family and friends who also share our love for the Elements.
Worth mixing up and playing around with, especially the sweetener,sucralose, as the Elements is loaded with the stuff!
No bad thing to me but I did tire of rewicking or changing coils.
Let me know what you think and feel free to say what you changed?


Will definitely have to tinker around with that, see what I get out of it. SO very close to the actual profile myself, it is very interesting to see what others get as they try to clone this elusive eliquid.

It seems to be a consistency that people use lime in it, I am going to have to buy the real thing as it has been over a year, and see if I get any lime from it.


No I haven’t! Thanks!


Much obliged sir!


at OP’s request