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Lets talk tobaccos; hybrid flavors and mixes


This is a great reference!! Thanks for sharing this😁


Jazzy, of course my input is limited to sweeter mellow tobaccos, I don’t like pipe/grassy/ashy, but I got WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard and NR Vanilla Bacco a little while back and really enjoy them. I really love the Vanilla Bacco together with the HS Ry4, it makes a sweet, honey type flavor combined. You would really enjoy it.


INW Black Cherry for Pipe is one I really enjoy by itself.


“tobacco” is one of those words with two definitions in the world of e-juice mixology.

One is about commercial products that are derived from industrial commercial tobacco extractions like tobacco concrete / tobacco absolute that is then mixed with all manner of flavorings from vanilla to sweeteners and then wind up on the product list at Bull City.

But there is another world discussed here in this topic section of the forum. You might want to have a look there just for fun to round out the overall perspective :grinning:


This sounds wonderful!! I already love the uber sweet!! I’m still vaping those! I think I going for a second order real soon here. Would u happen to feel like sharing the recipe? If not I can play around with them too. They seem fairly easy to work with. I really love the bakery with tobaccos!


Wow that looks wonderful! Have you ordered any tobaccos from them? I wouldn’t mind giving their extracts a try. It looks like it would be top notch tobacco!


This is one of the more recent ones using both NR Vanilla Bacco & RY4, which is Butter Pecan & Tobacco, it gets quite honey sweet, especially after the 15 day mark.

This next one is private because it is in its second little phase of steeping, but I love it so far. I know it looks weird with the FA Breakfast Cereal and two tobaccos, and a smattering of different creams, but I love this one.
It’s pretty Vanilla dominant with the WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream also, but in a good way.

Oops, I have a Caramel & Catalan Cream blend as well if you want me to send you that one also. :blush:


Too funny, that doesn’t seem weird (to me) at all! I’ve got one going right now with tobacco, cap cereal 27, fw butter pecan, and creams… Lol


Stuck my toe in the water the other night with an RY4 recipe. I had to at least give one a try. Tobaccos intrest me, but I am still getting a handle on fruits and bakeries. Luckily I have this great place for advice when I am ready.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


I would love that one!! Im gonna try one with cream chees icing, frosting n butter pecan :)). Yummmy they all sounds so fantastic!!


Ry4double from tpa.you can mix it with almost anything.flavorah tobaccos like cured,red burley,native,.flavourart tobaccos like dark vapure,virginia,burley,soho,shade are generally easy to mix.and almost every inawera tobacco


Hi @nikpal ty for the tip. I’ve tried the TFA ry4 doub and it tasted awful to me for some reason yuk. I mixed a few highly rated recipes with it and it just wasn’t for me. I’ve tried the ry4 (HS) and love it. Its one of my favorites now!! Go figure :).
Are any of the specific tobaccos that you named a favorite of yours? I’m just looking for a couple favorites to buy so I dont end up with a box of yux.


It’s been a long time since i had ry4 hangsen because i can’ find any distibutor in Europe,but it is really good as far as i recall.i xon’t know which recipes you tried with ry4d but in generel try to mix ry4d@3%,soho fa@4% and a vanilla@ about 1%.maybe add some sugar cookie or inawera biscuit and you have a smooth adv.shade from fa and flv tobaccos are really good and easy to mix.if you need any help send a messageto me and i will reply asap


Have you try RY4d as SF? Which recipes have you try (with RY4d)?


The guy is on Holidays atm and the site looks dodgy but I have dealt with them before and they have always been great

here is a 10ml


Thank you.had seen this site about six months ago but was out of stock at that time.will try again.


I’ve tried candy Becca and trifecta and made sure I had no subs. I haven’t single flavor tested it but to be honest it smells like fish to me. So to me its like vaping gross fishy tasting juice. The recipes smell amazing and I’ve tried them multiple times on differs device but its a no go for me. Now the hangsen ry4. Yummy!!! I need bigger bottles of that stuff!!! Fantastic!! In fact I went through the small tester and I’m half through a 30cc bottle since Nov.


It is not generally known, sort of one of those well kept secrets, but real NETs do not necessary need to be vaped ‘neat’, but can be made into excellent NET Hybrids.

This is done by very small additions of vanillia, caramel and so forth to real NETs. @Kinnikinnick turned this into a fine art and his recipes are public, You might want to look around there. You could also ask him for a few suggestions on where to start, for example by learning to build your own RY4.

For the base NET to experiment with this concept you can look at this very high quality commercial extractor, or see my DIY page for similar items.

If you use real NETs to make your own RY4 you might be surprised at the high quality and much better flavor profiles you can get if you control all the aspects of building it from the ground up yourself rather than relying on commercial pre made juice which, as you note, most of which you wind up throwing in the trash can.


@Jazzy_girl ; I haven’t posted too many public recipes containing NET. Reason being… I didn’t see much sense in posting recipes with my (personally made) NET. Someone else’s NET process on the same tobacco might have a crazy different flavor/taste outcome; thus, my percentage points in a mix would kinda be irrelevant to someone else. Make sense? :thinking:

But, if you ever have a hankering to try NET… go for a Virginia/Perique (Va/Per) Blend; these blends tend to be on the sweet side of things already. Thus, no need to add too much sweet stuff to the mix. :yum:


Hello, first off I don’t use tobacco flavors so this isn’t going to be some advice given for you guys. But I have a question…

I really like TFA Egg Nog. It is less a creamy egg nog flavor and more an earthy spice flavor. Yes there’s some noggy goodness in there but the nutmeg and whatever else they use is more prominent. I happen to like that.

So, browsing these threads I though about maybe that earthy spiciness would blend well with a tobacco mix. Anyone try it?