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Lets talk tobaccos; hybrid flavors and mixes


I am recently diving into the tobaccos and love the HS ry4 and PUR sweet tobacco. I’d like to get a few more tobaccos but id like to hear what all the tobacco peeps have to say. Which ones are you enjoying?

Tobbaco flavors

Totally following this!
I’m really liking pur bourbon tobacco.
And hangsen ry1. I’d like some more plain tobaccos but I have no idea where to start!


Ηave a look here

and here


I was actually thinking last night… it would be cool if we could have a way to search all of the tobaccos to easily read flavor notes. You can do it with other flavors by searching “strawberry” or “custard” or whatever but the tobaccos are usually named something else so it doesn’t work!


Τοbacco is not like say strawberry but like say fruits :slightly_smiling_face:


Idk how I haven’t seen that tobacco notes thread. #facepalm
I’ve got some reading to do!


Here is an other one

It is many informations if you search for ‘‘tobacco’’


Right now I’m enjoying SF Dark Vapure (FA) @ 3%
a mix with
DNB Inawera @ 0.5%
Dark Vapure @ 2.2%
Perique Black @ 1.3%

and for later
Strawberry Ripe TFA @ 1%
Butterschotch Ripple FW @ 1%
Acetyl Pyrazine @ 0.3%
DNB INW @ 0.25%
Flue cured Tobacco INW @ 1.5%


I just ordered no 5 (HS) and ry1 (HS). I love the tobaccos by HS so far! I’ll try the bourbon tobacco on my next order :)).


What is the dark vapure lke?


If you like sweet tobacco then Soho is definitely one you should try. Personally the RY4’s and others like that are not really my thing, I prefer them to be strong and upfront like INW Black for Pipe or Flavorah’s Red Burley.
Although I did make a recipe with Soho and Butterscotch Ripple that I really enjoy every now and then in-between the tobacco’s, but I find it to be more of a bakery juice than a tobacco.


It is a bit dry with cocoa notes and it reminds me the smell of pipe tobacco plus cocoa. It contain cocoa extract.


FA Tobaccos

Found here https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/flavourart-tobacco-flavor-chart.65080/


Soho and Butterscotch Ripple in what % ?



Thanks Mama :smiley:


TY, I thought that it was a 2 flavors recipe :slightly_smiling_face:


You could make it a two flavour recipe :wink:


Probably I will make a mix with Soho @ 15% and Butterscotch Ripple @ 6-7%.


This is what i use now when i really want a cigarette. I change it a bit, putting red burley (flv) at 1% and shade(fa) at 1,5%

Edit : i skipped the whiskey because i got the th from my nicotine

Sadly, i’m out of red burley now. I still have about 120ml steeped though.

Can i ask something? What recipe do you use when you get nicotine craving? Besides more nicotine, i mean.