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LG HG2 shortage?


I started out using the LG HG 2 batteries and so far they have performed well for me. However, I am going to get a new mod soon and I would like to have some more batteries to go around but apparently these are getting very hard to find. I’ve checked with a couple of places and the responses vary from “they’ve been discontinued” to “we don’t know when they will be back in stock”. Some places have some but if this is going to be a recurring problem then maybe it’s time to change to a different battery. I’ve looked at all Mooch’s stats but I was looking for opinions on what people here like that is comparable to the HG2’s.


Sony VTC5a…best all around battery available…imo.


I’ve been using the LG HG2 for quite a while now and am moving to the Sony VTC5A. Although the mah stated is lower, I find that the Sonys provide a very comparable lifespan. The VTC5A also suffers from much less battery sag with many loads (coils). In many cases the VTC5A will outlast the LG HG2 with demanding loads.


$5.99 is the lowest price I have found for these and at my favorite battery shop too! :slight_smile:


Apparently most electric cars and electric bikes are using 18650 and other cylindrical batteries. I was looking for a spare battery for my ebike and the guy in the shop said that from May or June this year they are expecting a shortage of all these batteries. Ebikes are booming in Europe and Tesla started buying everything they can get. Apple reacted on the shortage by making contracts with the mines to have a secure supply of cobalt for their own battery factory.

I can’t find the article anymore but there are some reports from December 17 about it.


Low price is good for me! I am heading over there now to place an order. Thanks.


I appreciate the replies from everybody. That helped me make a choice I can feel confident about. First new batteries then a new mod and a new RDA. I remember when I still thought I would be saving money by vaping.


Up front can be expensive, but it WILL save you in MANY ways. :slight_smile:


It’s money well spent, so I don’t mind. I don’t really NEED another mod and RDA but I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary off the stinky sticks and I’m going to reward myself.


I usually purchase my LG HG2s from here and seems they are in stock…


A little birdie told me awhile back that the VTC5A has supply issues and will likely increase in price very soon if you can get em for $5.99 get em now.


Order is already placed for four new ones as well as an order for a new Smoant Cylon (in part due to review by mjag) and a Vandy Vape Bonza. Now for the waiting part which I’m not good at.


If you vape under 40w or so, then in most cases I’d suggest the Samsung 30Q for longevity.

If you’re higher power, then the Sony VTC5a’s are pretty much accepted for universal needs. I still highly recommend the Samsung 25r5’s though (2500 mah, and even after TWO YEARS of literally everyday use, they still charge to 1900mah!!)


Not sure if you were going for a joke, or were serious… But there’s honestly no comparison in finances when it comes to vaping vs smoking.

This is figured at $5 a pack (they were actually $5.40 a pack when I quit), and they’ve only continued to go up since. So this is conservative:

I’d be surprised if I’ve gone over the $1000 mark in the last two+ years.


Congratulations!! Well done! :tada:


Which app is that?


Smoke Free? :wink:


Thanks Sparks :+1:


It’s an old version though… v1.1.6 (from 2016), but I hated the changes in the new ones.

I tried to upload, but the forum won’t accommodate apk files.


Gotcha ok I’ll take a look at it