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Liquid Barn Updates and Deals


I’d always be interested in testing new flavors in a blind taste test…


I also agree with the usage percentages being too high. Very interesting to know how the testing procedures are done!


Don’t know if it’s just me but honestly the recomended % are right on thee mark for me and friends .

May try lower later but when compared to the local vape shop.
And comparing LB recomended % and you taste perfection .

do you really want to mess with it.


Obviously they’ve gotten enough feedback to warrant looking into the idea…


We would definitely prefer not to mess with it, but there are a few that received consistent feedback about being too high. So we are going to take a look at those 4-5. The rest have received comments about being too high, too low or just right, so we chalk that up to personal preference and won’t be re-evaluating them.


id have to highly disagree , some of the percentages are way off ( some have been close ) and could be subjective to taste , and now that they have made a comment regarding the way its done , and the time with the holiday ones i can u derstand it a bit more anyone vaping pumpkin pie at 15pct needs to get their senses looked at because that is overkill


Guess we will have to disagree. To me liquid Barn’s recomended % on the flavors I have ordered have been right on the money…

Maybe because im new to DIY I like the higher % . But when I’m comparing , what I make to what the local vape shops make .

It’s oh my god I’ve died and gone to heaven… but friends and complete strangers I’ve given samples to . Have said the same thing this is the best…

Also I think mods and tanks affect flavor also. for example

Blue raspberry (LB) tried it in a friends pen unit loved it . same juice in my mod at higher watts think it’s needs a sweetener…

So I’m my humble opinion. The recomended % seem to be right on the money for people just getting into DIY or vaping

As for pumpkin pie. I’ve not tried it. But do have a few friends who are new to diy that I recomended to liquid barn and they will agree with this statement

Edit: fixed a couple typos


everyone is different and sometimes im way to critical when SF testing, i often have to remember not to expect it to be the same as a mix , i know one thing for sure LB will always have my business as long as they keep their creams the way they are and continue to develope good flaves and btw i am a fan of the strawberry cheesecake as well


You never have to justify personal preference!

Sometimes it’s easier to realize that your preference may be outside “the norm”. (Kind of like me preferring to use syringes.) :wink:
The same may also hold true for an entire group (your friends) or geographic region.


As far as the bottle suggested ratio goes on LB I feel most are in the too high territory , at least it was for me. I already review your product LB ( very grateful and thankful to all of you at LB that keep me in the loop of new flavors ) I vape Mouth to Lung style on a non pen style mod typically using a Nautilus style tank. I get plenty of flavor and whats more is that I mix Max VG the only time I’m adding PG to my mixes is if it’s falls below 10% and I feel it could benefit from the pg as a flavor preserver in the long run. Not necessarily the flavor needs assistance at that moment. I think adding "suggested " to the label may be the way to go.

Keep up the awesome work favorite flavor of LB is VIC !!!


Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that this week we released some new flavors in our Tastemaker Collection.

Liquid Barn’s Tastemaker Collection provides concentrates from the top brands in the industry. These flavors turn eLiquid from Basic into something truly extraordinary, and now for the first time ever, these flavors are available for you to flavor your own eLiquid with.

This month, we bring you three flavors from One Hit Wonder and a new flavor from the creator behind DIY or DIE, Wayne Walker. Check out their these exclusively at Liquid Barn (www.liquidbarn.com), and let us know what brand you want to see next!

You can suggest brands for the upcoming months on here, or send an email to Tastemaker@liquidbarn.com

Also check out this interview with Anthony Tellez III of One Hit Wonder.


Hope you all had a good holiday season. Thanks for sending these over to me, looking forward to trying them.


Happy Holidays to you too! I hope the flavors get over to you safely. Let us know what you think.


Me too!! Sorry I’ve been remiss. The cranberry cobbler smells AMAZING and I can’t wait to try it and the eggnog and the new stuff. You guys are the bestest!


Hey Jojo! Cranberry Cobbler has definitely received some great feedback. Its a tasty one! We are considering making it available indefinitely, as opposed to just a seasonal flavor. Let us know when you try it.

Happy Holidays. (is it too late to still be saying that?) Happy 2018!


There’s always a holiday right around the corner. :wink:


That’s a great mentality to have. I’m definitely outside the norm with a lot of my flavor preferences.


Hey y’all, Happy Presidents Day!

We have some new flavors added to our Tastemaker Collection! This month, we bring you three flavors from Mr. Good Vape and another flavor from Mr. Wayne Walker. These one shots are available exclusively at Liquid Barn (https://www.liquidbarn.com/pages/tastemaker-collection). Get them while they are discounted and let us know what brand you want to see next!

Check out this video with Gary Riddle discussing the flavor profiles for Mr. Good Vape. We will be posting a longer interview soon where he breaks down his start in the industry and where he thinks its heading.

You can suggest brands for the upcoming months on here, or send an email to Tastemaker@liquidbarn.com


:rotating_light:NEW REVOLUTIONARY NICOTINE PRODUCTS ALERT! :rotating_light:

Although we specialize in the liquid used for vaping, we often find ourselves pioneering new frontiers in other domains. Liquid Barn has developed proprietary products for nicotine delivery, and for the first time ever, we are offering them to the public. https://www.liquidbarn.com/collections/nicotine-solutions

Don’t forget to also check out our brand new flavor. Add our new flavor to you cart for a special treat!


are you talking about the cough syrup??