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Liquid Stevia in the UK


I’ve decided I don’t want to use CAP Super Sweet anymore and trying to find somewhere I can buy Pyure Organic Liquid Stevia Extract in the UK? or if there is a similar alternative?

I noticed Pyure is made from… Water, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (REB A) and Natural Flavor whereas a lot of other Stevias contain alcohol, inulin, vitamin c, amongst other stuff.

Preferably I don’t want to have to make it myself and would like to buy in a dropper bottle.


The thing that makes Pyure unique and a good choice for fruit flavors is that it contains, like you said, water and stevia, but it uses apple cider vinegar and citric acid as preservatives. Both of those are common additives you’ll see people talk about adding into fruit and sometimes tobacco mixes. I think that’s why everyone likes the Pyure so much is because you don’t have to add anything else, it’s an all-in-one kind of deal. A lot of liquid stevia brands do have ‘natural flavors’ listed in the ingredients or things like sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate as preservatives. People tend to try and avoid those.

I’ve not done extensive research, but I haven’t come across another brand that makes stevia like Pyure. If you can’t get it or it’s unreasonably expensive, I would look for a stevia extract that is organic and only contains water, stevia, maybe alcohol since that’s a pretty common thing in e-liquid, and/or glycerine. Try to avoid ones with weird things. :stuck_out_tongue:


@j20nyh look in your local Health Food store next to the Protein Powders and Smoothie mixes. Food grade Stevia liquids are used in making blender drinks. While I couldn’t find Pyure at any local stores (next to the sugar) I found a product called “Glycerite” that was only Organic Stevia and VG and required no refrigeration. As JoJo said it’s different from Pyure as it doesn’t have the vinegar and citric acid of Pyure which is actually counted as a plus in many cases of e-juice DIY. …but you are correct, so make sure it has only vapable ingredients. Here’s Glycerite’s homepage …it was about 7 bucks USD …maybe you’ll have some luck in the UK (Amazon?)


heh made me look https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stevia-Glycerite-2-fl-oz/dp/B00FYEPVKG

Have to add… a 60ml bottle will last a lifetime…until you start putting it in your tea :wink: I add about 1 1/2 drops to a 30ml …1 drop adds some sweetness, 2 drops is sweet, and 3 drops is “sugar lips” (large drops about .02ml each)


I know you said you would rather not make it but believe me it is very simple and extremely cheap to replicate the Pyure stevia liquid.


Thanks for the replies all, the Now Foods looks like a good alternative @BoDarc :+1: i’ll try and pick up a bottle online, it’s coming up as in stock in a few places for as little as £4.32 so very happy with that.

I noticed the Now Foods says it contains VG, does the Pyure also contain VG?

When adding this to my stash does it work in the same way? should I select the flavour carrier as VG, PG, or other?


On a personal note, the water used in these products are what stops me from buying them and why I mix my own Stevia REB A in VG/PG. Most of these ready mixes list it as Water/natural or De-ionised water. I know some people here are happy to use it in their mixing and only small quantities are needed. But so is the bacteria that can be carried in these type of waters, that haven’t been treated. I personally only use Distilled or Purified water in my mixes, for this reason.

The ready made products are fine to be processed through the digestive system, I am not convinced rightly or wrongly that they are safe to inhale.


Ok i’ve done some more searching for Stevia Liquid in the UK and stumbled across this which looks promising:


I emailed to ask for a list of ingredients and they’ve confirmed it’s 100% pure stevia extract with nothing added but purified water. 50ml for £5.65 is very reasonable.

How do I go about adding this to my Flavour Stash?


Ok it looks like Flax Farm are just resellers, from the picture you can see it comes from a company called Beleaf in Nature.


There’s more information on the product here and it’s also available in a 30ml bottle at £3.65 :grinning: although it actually works out cheaper to order the 50ml bottle from Flax Farm when you take into account the p+p charges.



EDIT: Amended thread title to make it easier to find via the search.


I would think a product that uses a base of water would not be as good for e-juice as it would add water even though a very small amount. The Glycerite is already available as a choice in the ELR Recipe Calculator http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/28429. I can’t make any claims proving Glycerite is best for inhalation as it is made for ingestion, but it’s ingredient list of only VG and Organic Stevia make basic sense for me …remembering you are only adding a couple drops in a 30ml. Price is important, glad to hear it may just be avaialable over-the-counter in the UK. The 18 Euro price I saw on Amazon looked more like some kind of US dropshipping to UK price and was not a great deal.


Having finally gven up on attempting to sweeten all my recipes (when needed) with honey flavour, mango flavour, marshmallow etc , (great ideas. They just don;'t work in every case!) , I’ve decided to join the the Stevia crowd, at last.

And yeah, it’s blody hard to find something halfway suitable in Britain at an even vaguely economical price. Nobody in Britain sells the Pyure liquid, it seens. Nobody. And y’know wahat . I’d sooner use the same thing that everybody else does for a change, But not if that means getting ripped off.

I was just aboput to give up and settle the NOW stuff when I spotted this:


Yeah, it’s an American company, but look at the postage rates! Looks like they’ve latched onto some similar lkind outfit to the one that those Chinese firms use, and can deliver to UK at no moere than cost of local postage…if you don’t mind waiting.

I’ve put an order in . Now somebody’s gonna point out the catch, I suppose?


Try this?
Ingredients are easy to come by and the added bonus is you can adapt the %ratios to suit your palette!
Works great for me!


Thanks chewy, but I wanna concentrate more on the fun part, aaaaand i want my stash to resemble other peoples’ stash just a little bi. whiiiiiiine I mean there are 1841 recipes here that might come up on my “you can make this” list if i only input the right sort of Stevia chuckle .

I know, i know, I can always get something slightly and lie. And I know, I know it’s gonna be 1800 single flavour recipes and 41 duds buuuuuut

Well, I’m getting a bit of a yen to be normal , for a change,