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Long Lasting and Reliable Mods


Does anyone know about reliable mods that last long?

My three mods died within a couple of months each other. Smok Alien, IPV5 and Lost Vape Therion 166. None of them lasted more than 7 months which I consider bad. Is that what I should expect from these devices. No falls or moisture exposure. I use nitcore to charge. I use both tanks and RDAs but I usually don’t even go higuer than 80 watts. I take care of them. From my pocket or shelf to my hand.

A couple of days ago I ran out of luck, and mods, and I had to buy an “emergency” Eleaf 100tc istick on a local store while I look others and order on the web. However Im strugling in what to buy if it will only last months. I dont care about looks, toachscreens or leather but a reliable and long lasting mod that I can trust.


From experience, I can (would) only recommend two:

Joyetech Cuboid 150w (running ArcticFox firmware)

DNA chipped devices.


Never had a mod fail except for some AIO devices and of course the battery died of old age. Had a couple of Wismec Predators that were land fill from the get go but that’s about it. Now I will say I rotate my mods a lot so none of them have daily mileage. I do stock a few tube mechs. So if all else fails, I can vape.


I’d be curious as to what caused the Therion to die. If it was the board then it would be under warranty for the first year through Evolv.


@PathVape A few that I have had no issues with:

And of course, my @Whiterose0818 dual 18650 mod.


There is a “battery check” error and empty battery symbol. I did a web search and found similar issues. Also tried to update with escribe as recommeded without sucess. I contacted vendor. So far good customer service. Returned and waiting for a credit to my account.


That sucks. I’ve had a Triad with the DNA 250 board for about 7 months and it has performed flawlessly. Have you considered a Mech or two to have around just in case? As long as you keep them clean, they’ll last forever.


The Joyetech Cuboid 150w is a workhorse. I have two that I carry with me everyday. Solidly built and extremely reliable.


I started with regulated for safety, ease to use and tanks. Then as many of us I started to build my coils, etc. So I was considering a mech as backup too. Any recommendation?


The Smoant Battlestar has been around for quite some time now, and people are reporting that they are practically indestructible, though I don’t have any personal experience with it myself, and they are getting a bit dated. The new Smoant Cylon are meant as a replacement for the Battlestar, so perhaps it will also live up to its durability?

There is of course also the Geekvape Aegis that is build to survive pretty much anything, but it is only single battery and doesn’t do TC very well.

For personal experience, then I have had both a Joytech and Eleaf devices loosing their will to live and just curl up in a corner and die, after only a few months of use :rage: Whereas my HCigar VT75 just keeps on going and going, and still looks like it is brand new. Take that for what you will.


So far my heavy use long-lifers are:
Cuboid 150
Hohmwrecker G2
Had them for a year or more with no issues.


Great little tube at a great price. Simple 510, not hybrid. Very minimal voltage drop.


@SmilingOgre has a great suggestion with the Nemesis. Any dual parallel box would be good to start with. Just make sure you use good batteries and build safely.


The Joyetech EVic Mini or VTwo Mini… simply put, the most reliable mod I have ever owned. I have (ab)used the same EVic Mini for almost 2 years now and it has never failed me… never. They are going the way of the dinosaur now, because people want a “new, cool looking” mod. I’ll take everyday functionality over cool looks any day of the year.

Also, the nice thing about them is… take out 2 screws, and the guts of the mod slides right out. So, you can sand down and paint the body any color you want, when the original paint gets a bit chipped and dinged.

I have purchased about 4 spare EVic VTwos from Efun.Top recently, while they are still around:

(link date 12/17/17)

At $20 a piece, I’m set for a great long while, mod wise. No, you don’t get to choose the color you want, but who cares… when you can buy a wrap or easily paint (and clear coat) the mod any color you want.


I’ve got two mechs going right now along side of two regulated. I like to use the mechs for tootle puffer attys. I’m weird that way. One of the regulated is a drone with a pulse on it. So I blow a cloud of saturated thick flavor and wash it down with a refreshing tootle of lemonade. Equal in flavor but much brighter lighter texture. I’ve got both a siren and and old Lemo Drop going on mechs both at about 1Ω simple kanthal. Nice match. Plenty safe a 4A draw plus decent battery life. Hard to beat.


I have a couple three of those myself and can vouch for them for a couple of years of use. I just don’t use them as often as the others.


MY list of mod not to recommend.Let me look in my junk draw.
Alien, Predator .,IPV 3 & 4 segelei 150 touch screen Any touch screen,I even killed a segelei 150 and a 150 cuboid. plus all SMOK mods and a bunch i have forgotten. the switch is what dies.
The RX200, RX 200S are the old men i have .over a year…
I am hard on mods at work and play…So i make my own…Problem solved.


Love it! Best way to make sure you get what you want!


Nice! I’m envious


I love my SX Mini M class. It’s near 3 years old and still going strong. Although the paint finish has gone away but that’s an easy fix with a wrap. This is a single 18650 with a not so easy to remove battery cap (use a quarter in the slot) to remove the cap. I vape between 17-19 watts. So it takes awhile before battery change. I have blown through many mods but this one keeps plugging along. In this case you really do get what you pay for. I’m pretty sure this model is no longer available but there are other SX Mini models and I plan on picking one up if a good Christmas sale happens.