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Looking for a nice lemon bakery recipe


Hey everyone, finally ordered a bunch of diy stuff and am getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been dying for a nice flavorful lemon bakery recipie. I’ve already mixed the dinner lady clone and want something else to try. Maybe a lemon cheesecake or a creamy lemon ice cream with graham?

Unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to come up with my own mixes just yet so suggestions are much appreciated!


Here is a recent mix that is quite tasty:


And one that is tried & true :+1:


This is one of my favorites, its lightly lemony. :slight_smile:


My son loves this recipe!! Hes vaped so many bottles I lost count. Its really snv and super delicious n easy to mix!


Thanks for the replys everyone!


Dammmit @Mark_Turner Only you could cause me to add flavors into my cart !!!


@anon43988816 I couldn’t agree more. I ALWAYS have a bottle of McCookie hanging around.


Well, since it’s been revisited… grins

I’ve modified voodootroll’s recipe a bit, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my revision that VDT inspired!

Yep. VM nailed that light lemony work of wonder with McCookie! I have about 45ml left beside me as I type! :wink:


@Sprkslfly did @pro_vapes tell you I just got the MF Lemon, so you could drop that suhweeeet recipe ?? !!! You’ve now got me mo than curious to see all 3 of those lemons play together…


lol Nope! Not a word!
But honestly, I must say, I thought the FA cookie was a bit high when I originally looked at his recipe. It actually works though. The LMP does 'fade back" into the mix a bit after the first week (or week and a half though), so I have another version running currently where I bumped the MF an extra couple drops to offset.
I’m still waiting for that one too see how it lands, but so far, I’ve mixed it a couple times (as posted above) and have not been disappointed yet. It’s definitely on firm footing! (As usual, I’m just trying to find that extra ‘uumph’. :wink: lol)