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Looking for some Shake and Vape Recipes


I need to mix up a few good shake and vapes to hold me off until my other juices steep any suggestions would be appreciated
Thanks, Steve


Almost any RF fruit as a single or combo is pretty good right away.


I agree any RF (SC) Fruit profile is excellent off the Shake. The RealFlavors VG base version, not so much though.



Lots under search.


I’ve been liking Creme Brulee(INW), Vanilla Custard(INW) and Spicy Biscuit(INW) as single flavor SnV’s. Mixed at 2.5-3%, they’re pretty decent as a stand-alone flavor. Also, if you’ve got Gooey Butter Cake(DIYFS) that makes an AWESOME SnV at 3%. I usually mix up two or three 60 ml bottles of that when I’m mixing so that I’ve got something to carry me through steep time.


Just remembered Manner, it’s a lemon cookie that actually is better as a shake and vape than a steeper. I usually give it a mix until it’s cloudy, then wait for it to clear(usually a couple of hours) then it’s good to go.


I’ve just discovered that French Vanilla RFSC @ 5% is awesome as SnV. Maybe wait an hour after mixing and shake very well. 5% is much higher than RF recommended, but searching the database for notes told me to try it between 4% and 6%, and they were right! Only been a couple of days, so no idea how it will hold up with longer steeping, so far it just keeps getting better! It is a rich, smooth Vanilla Cream, not just Vanilla flavor.

Edit: checked out your flavor stash and there are no RF at all, and I don’t own any of your flavors. So, unless you’re shopping, I can’t actually give any advice. Good luck on the hunt!


That manner recipe is pretty good. Here are some more


If you like watermelon, give this a try and let me know what you think. I haven’t technically done it as a SnV, but I figure mixing before bed and vaping it the next morning is pretty dang close.


Sorry @Steve-o_54 I neglected to snoop through your stash first. Now that I have, the Double Watermelon around 3 or 4% with 2% of Honeydew and/or 2% Cantaloupe should be okay right away. Any of the melons with any of the berries should be good too but I don’t have personal experience with that, I usually let them sit a week or two. Keep it simple with 2-4 flavors and lower % and if any of them have a trace of alcohol, let them breathe a little.

This one I usually let steep because it’ll get smoother and sweeter but it’s okay as a S&V too. Pyure is optional.


Sub for the pear FA? Is there one?


Probably but I liked FA so much I didn’t bother looking for others, lol.


I will have to put it on my short list then. I love working with Fuji and that mix looks tasty.


I hope you like it! To me it’s like an apple juice box, very juicy and sweet. :slight_smile:


Another apple shake and vape (i leave it overnight)

and it’s tasty af :slight_smile:

In my version koolada is replaced by ws-23 at lower precentage but all the rest is the same


I have made tons of this in the past. I ended up stop ordering strawberry ripe and replaced it with strawberry RealFlavors SC @ 2%