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Looking to make really sweet juice


I ordered “Sweetener” from Mt. Baker Vapor and it is really good and sweet. I only need to add one drop to my tank or about 6 drops to a 15ml bottle and it has no aftertaste and makes it very sweet. I really like SWEET and that it is. Why is everyone suggesting flavors like cotton candy or honey, ect. rather than a sweetener? I don’t know what’s in this and perhaps someone might want to research it and find out. What ever it is — I like it very much and it’s very sweet. Joya


Almost all “sweetener” (TPA Sweetener, Cap Super Sweet, etc.) is sucralose, and the OP said they had that already and it wasn’t working for them.


ahh, so glad to find out what sweetener is in the Mt. Baker ‘Sweetener" = sucralose. One things for sure… It goes a long way. I don’t taste any aftertaste or any unkind evidence from it and I like my juice very, very sweet. In fact, I’ve been saying I can make anything taste good by sweetening it. LOL me, me, me. That’s typical me. I sure hope the thread goes on so we can learn more about sweeteners. Just to post… I tried using marshmallow recently. I have a touch of toasted marshmallow in mine by TPA, and I noticed it TURNS ON MY TASTEBUDS! After I vape ejuice with it, I can taste everything a whole LOT! I recall someone posted ethyl maltol can turn off your taste buds. Perhaps (in my case anyway) it is opposite. I’m not sure yet if it’s the marshmallow or the "toasted marshmallow’ that does it. Hmmm. Do you know JoJo? Anyone else have this experience?


Making a note of that and adding it to my ‘GET it’ list, and Merigue too.
Get FA Oba Oba and Merique.


Both are wonderful for mixers. I have vaped Oba Oba as a stand alone at 7% and I loved it. I will say it is an odd but good taste. Kinda Taste like marshmallows, meringue ( hints of lemon very faint ) and then faint hints of cream soda


I don’t think marshmallow is ethyl maltol…that is plain cotton candy. I have noticed that cotton candy will mute flavors, so I stopped using it as a sweetener unless that was something that I wanted. I bought some marshmallow but haven’t used it yet. Toasted marshmallow is going to give you more of a genuine, fire roasted marshmallow flavor, but from what I’ve read, regular marshmallow is pretty flavorless except for a little sweetness and maybe creaminess/mouthfeel.

As a side note, I want Oba Oba, too. And Liquid Amber! they sound so intriguing!!


Super interesting flavor; reminds me of fermented fruit! Yummy!


So would you say marshmallow would be a good alternative if you were to substitute the ethyl Malto flavor over cotton candy in a recipe.
I was thinking about trying dragon cream.


Absolutely. If you see a recipe that calls for EM you need to get in the habit of thinking marshmallow. Good juice blenders know that EM or as also known, Cotton Candy, will in time weaken the other flavors in the mix. In my opinion EM or Cotton Candy should never be used in a mix unless the intention is a Cotton Candy Flavor. I recommend no more than 2% marshmallow. Course that’s my taste buds…


Thanks. I was just reading that about EM and cotton candy it weekens flavor in time. So it had me thinking twice now of what to put in my recipes. I was just about to buy EM in my order this morning but was out of stock. So I don’t feel so bad now that it didn’t get on my order. I’ve been waiting to try several recipes that call for EM. But now I think I’ll give them a try but with marshmallow and see what happens.


Question. If you were going to substitute marshmallow for EM would you keep the percentage of flavor used the same or add a little extra marshmallow? Average use of marshmallow seems to be 1-1.5 percent higher then average use of EM that’s why I was wondering. So if they used 1% EM would you try 1.25% marshmallow or something depending on your marshmallow brand?


In this case I would use the same percentages. I personally just never exceed 2% in my blends. It is also my belief that few blends need sweetening. At some point you have decide what you prefer. Remember, you are trying to please you, not someone else…

Glucose flavouring

Hi I wouldn’t use EM in this recipe. It looks like the maker intended for EM to dull the DF which can be harsh originally. If you would like it sweeter yes try MM around or under 2% . If the DF is too intense try cap off letting it breathe for overnight and shake well.

FA makes a wonderful MM as well as LA. I prefer FA. TFA and cap’s are good too TFA over cap’s if I had to choose btw the two.


I just love this website, so full of good stuff. Thanks!


Not to sound like a jerk…but cant you cook that and burn the alcohol off?.. It works with vodka. I cant stand the taste of the vodka but I need it in high VG mixes to break down that VG molecule while I’m shaking it. After I shake it I heat it up for a while and then keep the lid off overnight on the finished bottle. In the morning I cant smell any alcohol in it at all anymore.


On your advice… I ordered marshmallow today. I have so many mixes that need to be sweetened it’s silly. Thank you for the tip. I also ordered some pure Stevia also… worth a try, I’ve tried everything else. Worst case I can put it in tea.


Steeping can bring out sweetness on certain mixes, Sweet Cream (TFA) and a lot of the custards is a perfect example. I have tried with some success to add sweetener if needed after steeping using sucralose. It allows for the sweetness of the flavors to come through, and only having to add 2 or 3% sucralose. TASTE YOUR JUICE ON YOUR TONGUE and vape it as well of course. Nothing tells the tale like your own taste buds.
I did this after a few of my mixes came out way too sweet for my tastes after steeping.

I gotta stop coming here, everytime someone mentions a flavor I don’t have, it gets added to my shopping cart…
149 flavors and counting in the house, 12 more in the shopping cart. :wink:


Most likely Marshmallow will be all you need. You’ll also like the mouth feel the marshmallow will give your blend. Happy Blending !!!


What does that taste like?


I just put one drop of the GNC (alcohol base) NuNatural Stevia in a 3ML tank of a super strong coffee vape. It “instantly neutralized” the bitterness of the coffee. I’m not getting a “fake” tasting overtone, but I am getting “a tiny bit odd” … (but I didn’t let it steep obviously) I think this Stevia may have a good use in vapor but I’m also thinking about 1 drop per 10 ML may almost be too much. Maybe 1 drop in 20ML? Suffice to say though… I have never seen anything other than vinegar break down the PH that fast. I’m testing in 5 test batches, I will leave it alone for a week and see what happens.