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Looking to make really sweet juice


Maybe mix a bottle of PG + stevia either in 1:1 or 2:1 - that way you’d better be able to control it… :smile:


I love that idea!


Use Marshmellow. Cotton Candy or EM reduces other flavors over time. I suggest you add it as you are going to vape it. I don’t like EM or Cotton Candy because they make my tasting ability go away for the day.


I find the cap super sweet is very sweet. Don’t take much and won’t change your flavor. Just makes it Sweet. Thats what i jave found


Thanks Joya! I do like the Marshmallow very much, it holds its flavor well, it helps the mouth feel a lot. I agree on the EM. It seems to kill the high notes fast! Regarding the Super Sweet - Is it an artificial flavor at all SthrnMixer? The regular sweetener I have been using makes my stuff taste like “diet coke” sweet.


Sounds like sucralose.

Some folks are using Stevia, it’s pretty popular in some other parts of the web. I’m not sure who’s using the odd blends from the grocery store (which I wouldn’t recommend) vs who’s using actual pure Stevia. Anyway, that might be something to try if Marshmallow isn’t doing it for you.


I tried some marshmallow from our local vape shop and it was just nasty. So i didn’t get any. Can you suggest a good one to get ?
Sad to say all there juice sucks. And the other vape stire it all tatse the same lol.
So i started making my own. A lot of trial and screw ups. But for the most part. I got a lot of good juice.


I’ve only used FW Marshmallow. It tasted a bit odd as a standalone, but looking at the data on this site I probably used too high a percentage.

I’m also quite interested to try FA Marshmallow and FA Meringue (both were recommended earlier in this thread but I’ve seen them recommended other places too). Maybe TPA Marshmallow if it’s on sale.


Anyone know if FW’s sweetner is sucralose or stevia based?

I saw this link above…

…but I’m not familiar with that vendor (anyone order there before)?

I do most of my purchasing through BCV or ECX. Just looking for a reputable stevia source, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Never mind, did some digging and figured out that stevia is available in liquid form at many regular grocery stores. Time for a road trip to Wally World :smirk:


For sweetness, try One on One flavorings. They have a candy line that is like no other. And I have yet to find one of their flavors that the flavor changes if you add too much. It just gets really intense. Like Strawberry gets really sour and really sweet.

Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

Starting some experiments with Agave that you can get at a grocery store…Agave AMBER…10% mixture in either PG or VG…then about 3 drops per 10ml in your mix…not sure of the results yet, but to the tongue…it’s pretty sweet…may adjust to taste…just starting experiments


I’ll need to check OoO out then, thanks for the tip. I wish all flavors would scale like that… Still don’t understand how I go from weak vanilla to burnt tire and piss with just a few more drops lol :laughing:

Please let me know how this turns out. I started looking into stevia because of CAPs’ Grape w\stevia. It’s the first vapable fruit I’ve found.

I think I’m just sensitive to the acidity in fruit flavors or something. I’ve tried them with everything and they always turn out dry, harsh and very battery tasting which sux. I love my custards and creams but can’t add fruit to anything cause it kills the blend.

Tried drowning fruit in creams, tastes like cardboard and hobo feet…

Tried drowning fruit in sucralose, tastes like 50/50 dry flour/grain sugar and it jacked up my coil (then I found out the gunk can be carcinogenic) F that

Tried drowning fruit in marshmallow (I remember this one well, it was strawberry), still dry and acidic but had a special quality I can’t truly convey…Imagine a picture of a pink flamingo wiping it’s ass with a marshmallow… turn that into a juice and Ta-Daaaaa! That’s what I made.

Tried drowning fruit in Ethyl Maltol, kinda works but has an odd “Did I just eat a crayon…?” aftertaste.

Gonna go find some stevia later today and see how that works :smirk:


I have a slightly hard time with fruits. I just vaped orange the other day and I thought within the hour I’d be wearing a toe tag. Stupid me gets up the next morning and grabs the same dripper forgetting what was in it and hit it again.

I don’t get the weird flavors like you do though. Most just kick me in the back of the throat before clawing their way down. But this is only every once in awhile. I have a berry melon juice I make called Sweet Dreamer that I never have a problem with. It’s really sweet and really fruity.

If you like I can send you some samples of some of the fruity liquids I vape and you can see if you like any of them before pouring them down the drain lol.


Mighty kind offer friend but I don’t wanna waste your juice. I know I couldn’t vape it. When I first got into vaping, I looked up all the shops in the city then drove to each one sampling flavors. It did not go well and it was the inspiration that lead me here lol.

I knew fruits were possible because one juice I did like was Sick Twisteds’ Purple Pain. There’s a clone of it here on ELR that’s awesome and simple to make. I made that in the beginning so I’d have something to vape while experimenting with DIY. I’m betting it’s the stevia, that’s the only thing I haven’t tried yet.

…just gotta get off my lazy ass and go get some :weary:


I actually don’t mind Stevia. I thought I had that Capella Concord Grape with Stevia. I coulda swore I ordered it. I will now. Thanks for sharing the info. Grapes are one of my favorite fruits.


Hey Mofogger…I am curious about a few things, as I have primarily been experimenting with standalone fruits…What PG/VG ratio are you mixing with?..What brand fruit flavorings are you using?..How long are you steeping?..What devices are you vaping on ?..I have experienced those harsh things you have described and have been working my ass off experimenting with PG/VG ratios…%s of flavoring …post mixing processes for my mixes…steeping procedures and times…I have pretty much figured out how to get rid of the harshness…and am still working on obtaining “full bodied” flavor…Also what PG and VG brands are you using?..What Nic brand are you using?..Sometimes your base ingredients can be the culprit to the problem…Please share …and I will be happy to share my experience to get rid of that harshness…took me about 3 months to figure some things out and develop a few techniques that have worked for me… :slightly_smiling:…LordVapor…I would take you up an that offer…and return the favor in kind… :slightly_smiling:


Last time I looked in a grocery store every single Stevia product contained both erythritol and Rebiana. Rebiana is the stevia extract, I believe. Erythritol is not known to have any bad side effects, but the combination of the two should have a different flavor than a pure stevia extract (whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know). I’ve seen a lot of opinions about stevia both good and bad, but most times it’s hard to know whether people are talking about a pure extract like you’d need to order online vs the grocery store stuff.

If you wanna try the pure stevia but don’t want to order from OSDIY, Amazon sells the same brand in a 2 oz (60ml) dropper bottle for about 10 dollars with free shipping. Although looking closer at the details this also contains maltodextrin, so calling that pure stevia that confounds me…

Substitute Pyure for sucralose

It was Stevia!!! AWESOME!!! So friggin happy now!!!

Ok, so I ran down to Wally World and in the baking isle with sugar and stuff; they had organic liquid “Pyure Stevia”

Transferred this to a better dripping bottle and added 2% to a 20mL bottle of watermelon I’ve been fighting with. Gave it a good shake and 30minz in a bowl of hot water. Now I’m vapin it and it’s amazing! Actually tastes like juicy watermelon!

A little too sweet maybe… Gonna try 1% or maybe 0.5% to dial it back a bit. 2% is still natural melon but I can tell I’m on the edge of jolly rancher candy.

Thank you for your offer to help @Flavor_Alchemist but I believe this has just fixed all of my fruit issues. I can’t express how good this is now. Still vapin while typing lol. I’ve been fighting this for 2 months and finally figured it out, just gotta dial in the %

No longer harsh or dry, very smooth and sweet. Makes the mouth water and there is zero chemical or plastic taste. Almost seems like it has thickened the vape, truly epic flavor! I was worried cause my folks use this to make sweet tea and I reeeaaaaly don’t like their tea but in vape; this works extremely well for me.

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I see from a little digging that that brand has a bit of apple cider vinegar and citric acid in it. That is probably helping to make the fruit flavor pop. :slightly_smiling:

Medicine Flower Tasting Notes