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Looking to make really sweet juice


1 Drop Cap Super Sweet (per 30ml) is my sweet spot. I find if I don’t add it, my mixes taste naked. I may just take Bob’s idea and try that Stevia though.


reporting back some more experiments to this topic - if others are researching.

still trying to get my hands on Stevia/Pyure - it’s not available here - and other Stevia products are rare… maybe when i travel to US - or it would be easier to negotiate with one of the flavor makers to create a new sweetener product based on Stevia :slight_smile:

but yesterday i found this in a local store - it’s sucralose-based. the effect (1 drop per 10ml) is just amazing - now i really know what everyone is excited about. it doesn’t only sweeten the juice, it does something more. the fruits are well-blended and harshness is gone… wonderful! [edit: i used a sweetener before, but the effect here is a lot more “obvious” - i have SSweet (CAP) in my next shopping list to add to stash too]

i then cut it in half with PG so i can better use it in my mixes - wanted to try smaller sample of different mixes - mostly fruits - so far good results. yes, it causes coils to gunk.
i also mixed some powder stevia in PG - following the recipe from @Chewy (big thanks) with few drops of ACV - and it seems i like this one even better but need to do some more testing and try to find a better Stevia Powder… but all good. this kid has a new toy - my mixes have upgraded flavors :slight_smile: – thank you guys for all the help



You’re welcome!
Just remember when you search for the stevia powder to look for a powder with no bulking agents,


how about this idea? i know some of the expert mixers here have strong connections with flavor makers. is it possible to talk one of them to create a Stevia-based sweetener using the experiences here? for example, CAP already releases flavors with Stevia built-in.

we can definitely help test and verify it, then help promote it too… win-win !


Nude Nic already do a stevia solution. It is also super cheap to make your own. There are several threads and recipes already. Happy to help you with selecting the correct stevia powder to use just post links if you want. ( see pic below)


This is what you want to use


thanks @woftam - i already did make my own with what i could find locally for initial testing

i do believe more options are better for us as a community … for example, i’m one of the folks who don’t have access to Pyure, quality Stevia powder or NN products where i live :frowning:

i’ll talk to a vendor i know and see if it clicks with them. will keep you guys posted


Where are you bud - I am in Au and got that Reb A off a local seller in Australia - i am sure there will be one where you are


now i wish i was in Au :slight_smile:


Reviving this thread with a quick question - i saw Pyure has a new liquid Stevia product with different ingredients - the previous one had ACV in it which i hoped would help with smoothing eliquid mixes - it seems old product no longer available

has anyone tried this new Pyure Stevia? any thoughts vs the old one? would you recommend it, or would you recommend someone who wants to try this to get the powder form and make a DIY mix out of it using the recipe on ELR?
@woftam & @Chewy for help…


It seems they have cut the ingredients back to just stevia and water?
I would have no problems with that per se but I wouldn’t want too much water in my mix.
I think the added ACV and Citric in the original really helped with making flavours,especially fruits,pop.


Ive used this for years in ice tea and never refrigerated it


I used mine, (the old formula Pure) and never refrigerated it. After some time the liquid would dry into a white crust around the dripper. I researched it and found that on the label it says refrigerate after opening. It was printed on the part that gets removed when you open the bottle. So I just started from that time keeping it in the fridge. IMO now, because it is suggested, I want to keep all my flavor components in the fridge to prolong the life of them. Or it might just keep that tiny bit of dust out of them.


I have erythritol mixed up @10 in PG for use in some mixes.
Think I will mix up a 25% mix for use as a base and see how that goes?
Might give a further sweet note to the juice?