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Looking to make really sweet juice


hmmmm interesting …and easily testable


I just tried Sparkling Wine by LA, this is so sweet it will twist your head off.


I tried your method and it worked although i only used 5% sweetner.
Thank you


I do this but with all single flavor’s into a single base 50/50 VG/PD and mix my mixes with pre steeped bases of single flavors. if that makes sense.


So after reading this post I had to pick some up! Fresh from Wally world

I will let you all know what I think


I have a question for all of you who are using the pyure liquid stevia… It says on the package to refrigerate after opening… Is this necessary??


Have you tested this yet? Lol


Some do…some don’t lol :blush:


I’ve never refrigerated mine, just transferred the contents to a better dripping bottle then kept it in a closed drawer at room temp. ~70F.


I haven’t refrigerated mine either… seems fine. (I’m not a chemist nor do I play one on TV)


It says that on the part of the package that gets torn off when you open it, so once you open it it won’t say that on the package anymore and you don’t have to refrigerate it.

JK I refrigerate mine just in case the Stevia in the container may degrade.

This wal mart stevia is not sweet, taste some on your finger. The citric acid and vinegar overpowers the stevia in their mix. But those ingredients seem to do something good when mixed with citrus fruits at low levels. I suggest only using 0.1-0.5 % and only with citric fruits


@CosmicTruth I like your thinking lol. I would have never seen it if I ripped into it right away. We were dropping the kids off at Grandmas last night and we stayed for dinner. I’m sitting on my phone reading this topic and I’m like yes I need to get some of that. Its 11:30 at night and I’m stopping at wally world to pick up some Stevia on our way back home. I’m sure my lady thinks I’m crazy but oh well, she benefits from all my hard work anyway lol. I have to make her coils constantly rewick her set up and I make her Juice so she cant complain when I say I need supplies!


Wait one minute bud, that sounds just like my wife!


LMAO glad to see I’m not the only one!:joy:


Well on the other hand that sounds just like my fiancé except I can’t pull the flavor card since he only vapes base. Otherwise sounds just like him …my batteries are dead, this taste burnt maybe it’s time to change the coil. Lol


I use capellas super sweet. It’s great not like other sweeteners more like sugar flavored. It’s awesome. I use it in cotton candy n sweet strawberry. It’s great


Way too many questions


It comes in drops small bottle but super sweet is more like real sugar


Liquud amber is awesome
Use in any baked goods or apple recipes its my secret ingredient that most cant put their finger on lol


Whole Foods 365 Organic Stevia Extract Liquid.
Stevia Rebaudina (leaf) in a base of deionized water and 11% organic alcohol.
Store in a cool dry place in original container.