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Looking up flavors


how do i look up a flavor i dont have , to see the single and mixing recommendations from the forum side


I’m not sure you can.


what about from the recipe side ?? i cant figure that out without adding the flave to my stash then deleting it


I’ve never really tried a search on the forum for usage %. I’m sure you about this…


shame on me , ive never wanted to ask something i could look up lmao


You can go to Resources, then Flavor list


ok ty lol :slight_smile:


i was mainly asking because im trying to find some info on lemonade FE but can’t find any hmmm


FE doesn’t have a lemonade. All I see is lemon.



If you’re thinking about the recipe @Saxon2 gave in the other thread, I think it said Lemon (FE)


Who said anything about FE Lemonade?
The recipe I was talking about calls for FE Lemon.


I have no clue why i kept seeing ADE at the end of lemon loooong day on the ferries today i guess


it was an over sight no biggie im not saying you said anything my mistake


It’s probably because you’re all about AID, dear :wink:


that is why i was looking it up ty


funny thing is i looked at that recipe about 10 times and still didnt notice it was lemon not :lemon: ade


It’s all good brother, it’s not a thing.


@Pro_Vapes what he said.

When I can’t find something I go to ECX and look at the ratings for it. The comments tell you quite a bit about where to start. If it’s brand new, you are the scout who goes off the path to report back.