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Lost Vape Therion DNA75. The truth


Ok, so I’ve had the therion for 3 months now. I bought this based on reviews from so called experts in the field. What i wanna know is why do they all talk so much shit about how wonderful these mods are and avoid all the issues that consumers need to know about?

First off i would like to advise u avoid this heap of shit like the plague.
Fancy leather and good looks fine. To use as a vape. Useless.
They mention the battery removal and replacement to be a bit tough. It’s not tough. Its absolutely ridiculous.
After a month only one battery works as the other does not drain when inserted. This is a common problem but no expert reviews will mention this. Why. Grey haze have no interest in helping me so have tried to fix myself but it’s basically impossible to take apart.
Any advice please.


You can treat the leather with cold pressed olive oil - but it sounds like the leather is the least of your issues - I if you got it using paypal you may still be inside the buyer protection period.


After the first couple times inserting the battery and figuring out how to insert them correctly, the battery insertion was fine. Before figuring that out I tore a couple of battery sleeves, but those were easy enough to replace.

My primary complaints are that the powder coating is terrible and it was large, boxy, and heavy. Wasn’t a great mod to just throw in your pocket and go imo. But other than that, it worked great. I definitely wouldn’t consider it a heap of shit. I did sell mine because I wanted to replace it with something smaller.

Any advice please.

Do both batteries work in another mod? Are you sure you’re always inserting both batteries correctly (both batteries go positive terminal up)? Are the positive and negative terminals of the battery and the posts in the sled clean? Make sure there is nothing in the way of either terminals and battery posts and that they batteries making a clean connection.

Try putting one battery in the inner part of the sled and see if it turns on. Then take it out and put the other battery in the inner part of the sled and see if it turns on. Then try the each battery in the outer side of the sled. If one battery doesn’t work in either part of the sled then you might have a defective battery or you aren’t inserting it properly. If both batteries work in both parts of the sled then it’s likely user error somewhere when you’re inserting both batteries. If both batteries don’t work in a particular slot in the sled then there’s likely a wire loose somewhere and you need to do some soldering work to fix it… or again, user error. You could also rule a lot of this out with a multimeter if you have one.

If you are confident you’re inserting the batteries so they’re making a solid connection to the terminals and you don’t think you can fix it yourself you might want to take it to someone who knows how to fix electronics or get in touch with Lost Vapes to see if they’ll do warranty work on it. They should, considering they have a six month warranty and you’ve had it for only three months (they have a US based repair center, but no idea if they have one in the UK so you might have to reach out to them directly). Evolv might even help you, but idk, might be worth a shot to reach out to both.

Hope you figure it out.


Yez. Heap of shit is a little harsh but so annoyed. I live in Mozambique so I’m disconnected so to speak. That’s why i bought the best i could afford in the hopes it would last. Regards batteries. I have 5 pairs. All original. The outer slot does not function at all.


Sorry to hear that you’re having problem with the Therion! I have been using the BF version for a few months I think and never had any complaints whatsoever. I do, however, share your feelings about reviews as of late. They fail to mention obvious flaws, at least many of them. Been having a lot of bad luck with purchases lately myself… like the Troll RTA I bought is unusable because the goddam screws are philips screw heads and were already strained when I got them, so I can’t get two of them out. Utter trash. And the machining on the Verv RDA is a disgrace. Looking at the price I’d love to give em a piece of my mind. The screws have scrap on them, turn together, don’t sit tight and the whole thing is just far from well designed…

Hope you can get some money back or something!


I think calling it heap of shit is such exaggeration af. I currently own 2 Therions and had another two before and never once did I have any problem whatsoever. Batteries work ok, paint looks fabulous, they perform like no other device I have ever owned. Very sorry to hear you’re having a problem with yours but I honestly believe it could be down to some other issue that you’re missing or you’re just unlucky.


Thx for heads up very sorry about your bad luck, bad purchase and not great product.


and the leaky 510 that short’s the board just got mine back from repair due to this