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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


You don’t need to see a vortex, and you can’t see the bubble action with your naked eye, but you will by shining the LED light horizontally through the mix as it stirs.
Look at your mix, then while watching…turn on the LED flashlight. I will explain everything.



So how is your progress?
Pictures, thoughts,etc.
The mutts nutts I hope, eh?


Going very good! I got some different stirrer bars, without the rim in the middle, seem to spin better for me in my beakers - amazon sent me 14 beakers out instead of 2, with the biggest being 2x200ml all the way down to 25ml lol, I told them they sent the wrong ones and they refunded everything and told me to keep them ha, so ordered the 10x250ml you originally advised!

I’ve got an ultrasonic cleaner too and been having some great results with it to shorten my steeps - although I know they are each to their own, but personally I love it!

Some pictures below of everything in action!


Kickin’ ass and takin’ names…rockin’ and rollin’

Now you need an LB-501 …and a retriever rod. :smile_cat:

“I know they are each to their own”…
That’s right…you do it how YOU do it !


I’ve got the retriever rod ha, no sticky fingers haha



DAMN…they are $25 over here…


Oh scales - I don’t weight, I use syringes and millilitres ha


I see…in the pics.


One thing I’ve found, when in the magnetic stirrer even after nearly 2 hours, it’s never over 70 Fahrenheit, probably because it’s mixed in a British conservatory ha, freezing in there at this time of year


Maybe it’s time to cook up some yorkies when you are stirring…


That’s for Sunday haha, Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings tomorrow :heart_eyes:

Saturdays are a Curry haha :heart_eyes:


What size stir bar are you using?


Using 1 inch at the moment, but just got a 1.6" and a 1.8" to try out! The smaller ones I didn’t have much luck with as I’m generally 80/20 or higher VG


Ya, a larger stir bar should give you a higher stirring temp.
You have a good mag-mixer, so a 1.5"-1,75" bar should be no problem.
You also have a hotplate option…that I never use. My juice is 70VG


If it’s particularly sticky and I don’t think it’s mixing as well as it should be I do turn the heat on a tiny bit just until it’s about 80/90, then when it goes in the ultrasonic I let it get to about 90 max too, still experimenting but loving it so far!

Appreciate all the advice!

Now I need to find some more fruity/candy/sweet vapes that I’ll like! I’m currently using Heisenberg with some pear drops, that’s my ADV, got 5 others to test today, including a Pink Lemonade clone of the Element’s version!


My guy at work came good with the Mag stirrer from the lab move, don’t know how good it is but it’s a freebie so I shall be cleaning it up tonight :smile:


Great score…and a nice ALNICO V [red] magnet.


Tried to find the specs on it but nothing that made any sense to me other than they charge £268 for this model :open_mouth:


What numbers are on it?


That is truly a beautiful magnetic stir

Fisher Scientific™ Twistir™ Mini Stirrers


Diameter (Metric) Outside 8.5cm
Capacity 1L
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.625 x 5.625 x 2.375 in. (14.3 x 14.3 x 6.6cm)
Material Plastic Base; Nylon Top
Speed 350 to 2000rpm
Stirring Positions 1.0
Voltage 115V
Display LED
Choice of seven whimsical top plate designs.

Stirring range: 350 to 2000rpm
Stirring capacity: 1L
Maximum vessel diameter: 8.5cm
Power-on LED
Clear, chemically resistant nylon top surface
Tough, stable plastic base
Order Info

Overall dimensions: 5.625L x 5.625W x 2.375 in. H (14.3 x 14.3 x 6.6cm); for 115V


Three years