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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


Yea I did that and once it got to half way, even very gradually increased it just stops at exactly the same point, I have a set of 7 stir bars coming tomorrow and the flat bottom glass beakers Oxo recommended so I’ll be able to test it properly with the proper equipment


Are you testing it out with water or going straight in with VG?


Did my nicotine and flavors first and it was fine all the way up to top speed, only started happening once the VG was added


Think you mean ozo :blush:


makes sense - VG is pretty thick! You might have more luck with different stir bars. Either that or just start making 50/50 mixes :smiley:


Yea I’m sure it is the stir bars, the machine itself can do up to 2 liters apparently, so probably a crappy stir bar ha



You don’t have a problem…zero…no worries mate.

Mine usually stirs at 6.5 on the dial, and as the VG thins with friction [natural heat] I have to turn it down a little.

Also, don’t buy into the hype that you need a visible vortex. It’s bullshit, mutts nuts, etc.
What you do need is a good LED flashlight to shine through the side and watch the bubbles and their action. [hard to do in a plastic beaker, unless clear or polycarbonate]
Also, you need a infrared thermometer. My mix usually takes about 40mins to blend, and I keep it below 107F. When it reaches 107F I turn down the RPM’s and let it go another 5-10mins.


Can you advise on a thermometer from UK amazon please, will order it now!

Will this do? Would I be better with something small that i can attach to the unit itself on the thermometer bar provided?

Thanks as usual bro


What stir bar came with it…length, dia, shape [poly or octo] pretty sure it isn’t olive, star, circle, etc.

I put everything in the beaker while it is on the scale…in this order:
Stir bar, Nic, PG, VG, Flavoring (including stevia or other sweetener)
then I put it on the mag-mix and turn it high enough to spin, then turn it down so it doesn’t [spin out]…which is the correct term for when the magnet breaks loose from the spin/magnet.

I would guess you received a 1" long polygonal stir bar with it, and will work absolutely fine.


Yes, it will work fine. My recommendation to anyone is always get one that uses the 9V battery…NOT the AA’s
The FBS is almost identical to the one I use for e-juice, and probably made in the same factory.
Below is the exact one I keep with my DIY stuff [so no one borrows it-I have others for that]
Mine is an EtekCity $12.99 GBP and I see they have one [Ravenus?] for $9.99GBP just doesn’t have the ETC name on it.
The 9V battery lasts a lot longer than the AA models.


I always measure the temperature while the bar is spinning…and put the lazer on the spin bar, not the juice. The juice will be a bit cooler than the spin bar.

FYI: Some people keep an infrared thermometer for checking their children or their own body temperatures. I do also, especially for the grandchildren and animals [both seem one in the same sometimes, eh?]. If you use one made for body temperature, there should be a mode button to toggle between body temp and objects temp…there is a few degrees difference between them.


Perfect I’ve just ordered one wth 9v battery! Can also set an alarm for when it reaches the desired temperature which is handy!

I’d presume its about 1" yes - I did everything in exactly the same order - the beaker I’m using has a thick, probably 10mm plastic base, and it isn’t completely flat, has a little plastic nipple as such, which is probably causing issues too, the proper glass beakers you recommended arrive tomorrow so ill be able to test it properly then!


Yes haha, spell check changed it to Oxo lol! We love our Oxo cubes in the U.K ha


NO !!! Absolutely not.


Ordered the handheld one with the 9V battery :smile:


Gave it about 2 hours total

Looks nicely mixed to me


You will find that you don’t need to blend for that long. The flashlight and the infrared thermometer will teach you quite easily how long run times should be…as long as you don’t go above 115F if you have nic in your mix, which is why I stay at 107F and below.
No problem with an extended stir otherwise, but the good part(s) are, and with additional beakers, you can make other batches while one is mixing [or blending I prefer to call it] and the shorter time allows you to keep going at a faster pace, yet still have quality results…and the magnetic stirring process-at its molecular level-will KEEP your mix blended.

I often sit and blend 4 or 6 115ml batches, bottle them, then place in the aging closet…and never touch them for over a month. When I do touch them, they NEVER have any separation, and look the same as when I put them in there.
This is another reason I never add heat, like a hotplate, the friction provides all the heat I need, and gradually increases while stirring.


Would you say this eliminates steeping completely?


“Would you say this eliminates steeping completely?”—AshyUK

To quote post #177
"I often sit and blend 4 or 6 115ml batches, bottle them, then place in the aging closet…and never touch them for over a month."


One great thing about mag-mixing in a wide mouth beaker like a 250ml size…I never worry about any flavoring having alcohol or anything else similar. As it is blending, it has plenty of room to vent.

You will surely understand what I mean with the beakers that arrive, and use the LED flashlight to see the bubble action as it blends. Watching it will teach you more than I can say with words.