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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


I was actually going to buy that stirrer & was in my Amazon cart including those mixer bars. But after reading comments on here and their feedback, I decided to go with used lab equipment. For the cost difference and build quality you can’t go wrong. Matter of fact I just picked up a VWR 7"x7" magnetic mixer & another vortex mixer for cheap! Did I really need one more of each, no. Just the 7"x7" can mix bigger batches & one breaks, I have a backup. As for the stirring bar, I have read you want to use either the hexagon shaped or the egg shaped ones. Though let us know. I’m going to be using mine for the first time tonight so I’ll let you know also.


For shame :scream: you could of bought a VWR 7x7 LOL! Let me know how it works my friend. On that green stirring bar I have hear of great reviews on it using in with e-liquid. Let us know for sure. Regarding the gear again please let us know. I have heard they are not great in dense liquids.


Show me a VWR 7X7 for less than 80.00 and I will order it right now.
The reason I went with this one is because I discovered one of my friends uses hers to make thick smoothies ,it has a two year warranty and I am protected by PayPal if it doesn’t work as advertised, but we will see.


Sent you a PM :joy:


Why, specifically, so they match? Just curious.

Both that you bought have a quality rod magnet, and are lab rated.
If I had a choice between them for $100/ea I would choose the OptiMag.

[Used-Line] sells refurbished OptiMag’s for $175+/- , VWR’s about the same, little less $150+/-
You can get a Barnstead or Corning for $200+/- in the same rating category.
I am not talking about ‘used’…but refurbished, where they have been completely tested/repaired, etc.

The rest of the stuff is a bonus, and great if you have a use for it, but not to me for e-juice.

The VWR hot plate is a great bonus [I don’t have a need for it in e-juice] , and you can use the multi-block
to heat some vials/bottles (x8) if you have a use [tinctures, essential oils, pig blood, peyote, etc.] as are the
other holders/probe/clamps…

The OptiMag has a longer magnet, but the VWR [may] have a larger diameter magnet. Both are good.

The truth is, there are only a handful of mfg’s that make mag-stirrers. Many, many different models and applications. There is high-end, medium, and low-end. The brand [names] on them are really insignificant.
Your two are very decent stirrers. I easily have 20 stirrers around here somewhere, most are in the $700 and up price range, some much more expensive. I have an OptiMag here somewhere. I use a 30yr old GCA mag-mix because it has a great magnet…but most of all because it is only a 5" diameter footprint.
My lab is built inside my shop, but my office is in my home, where I spend most of my time, which is also where all my gunsmithing and reloading tools/supplies, ham radio equipment, vape gear/e-juice stuff, national/international animal rescue files/forms/stamps, etc. are set up, plus computers/printers/fax machines and other office stuff…I don’t have any room for a cat to fart in here, so space is priceless.

All in all, for $200 you did very well.

Stir bars: Wash your stir bars in vinegar and rinse well. Store them dry when not in use.
Even for e-juice, you should have several sizes in a couple of different shapes. Mainly just egg shape
and octagonal , which work well for e-juice. Simply, larger container/batch= larger stir bar…smaller
container=smaller stir bar…green stir bars are no better than white ones for e-juice, just more expensive.
Egg shape are also called olive shape, in case you run across a deal.
You should have 10 to 20 stir bars anyway. I have mason jars full of them…

I suggest you buy a stir bar retriever rod…but a “must have” is LAB-QUALITY beakers [w/flat bottoms]
They are cheapest by the dozen (of the same size), and you can always use them for shot glasses (small)
cocktail glasses (medium) goldfish bowls (large). Once you start using a stir bar retriever rod you will love it’s value.


@ozo Hope you are well my friend !Have you tried or know anything about the flasks sold by Nicotine River? I picked up a dozen of them , I hope I don’t have to resort to using them for ice tea.

Also stir bar retrievers , I see some long that I guess you have to dip inside the beaker? I picked up this style thinking I could just slide it up the side , but please if I need something else please let me know.


As a add on to the order I got it for $6.53, it’s my new best friend


Plan to buy the last two because I want some flasks and they donate to cancer research


I talked to Sam [probably Grant also] a long time ago about their flask(s) to sell, and
emphasized the importance of the flat bottom. He assured me that they would be
certain the flasks were [flat bottom]. The description says they are, but I have not seen one in person.
Generally, if a (any) lab supply states that is has a flat bottom…it is lab quality, stirrer friendly.
I would think NR copied the description from their supplier, so should be good .

I use the long rod, and yes, dip it right in and latch on.
I keep a beaker of fresh water on my desk when mixing, then just pull out the stir bar
and swish it in the water, wipe it dry…good to go in the next batch.
Mine is like this, but 35cm…but this one is fine:


You too, Brother.
Long time no talk.
God bless you.


Hello Ozo,

I hope all is well. I had done a lot of researching on the VWR, plus my bit of OCD. LOL Thanks for the input, I greatly appreciate it.

I did purchased on Amazon Karter beaker set, Karter flask set & magnetic bar retriever. All 3 went back today. The bar retriever could barely pickup a bar on the table. As others had complained under the review section, the beaker set one of them had an air pocket in the glass. As for the flasks, the box was previously opened, one of the flasks was dirty & looked like it was used. The rubber stoppers that came with the flasks smelt like tires “badly, black rubber”.

Any recommendations?


My equipement list has grown. I now have 2 vortex mixers (VWR & Vortex Genie 2), Chemglass OptiMag-ST Hot Plate Stirrer, (2) VWR 7x7 Ceramic Stirrers (one is an extra, the seller shipped me out a replacement & told me to keep the other one. The extra one works, but 2 of the metal clips that hold the top plate broke) any ideas where I can find replacement for it? I called VWR but they said they no longer have parts for it.

I think I may be good on equipment for now LOL…


The Karter beakers I just recieved & just returned. I had an air bubble in the sidewall on one if them. I had read a lot of reviewers on Amazon complaining about it, sure enough I had the same problem.


With beakers I think you’d be fine, but I thought the problem was with anything with a lip “example: flask”. The magnetic bar would just fall back in.


I’ve picked up a lot of lab equipment CHEAP here. I only buy where I can physically go pick up.



Hi @ozo :raised_hands:

you use the silicone liner to avoid slippage right ?

learn a lot with your post ! thanks !


I’m looking for a magnetic mixer/stirrer for a reasonable price. There are many to choose from on eBay and Amazon, but I can’t seem to find one that is dual-voltage (110v - 220v) or one that is rated for 220v electrical current. I would rather not need to use a voltage converter. I currently live in the US, but would use it when I go back to Saudi Arabia which only uses 220v. I was hoping someone came across what I’m looking for. Or would I have to get one from the UK stores of eBay and Amazon? Shipping is probably gonna cost me if I purchased from UK stores.

Edit: I know the INTLLAB mixer is rated for 110v-240v but I was skeptical after reading Amazon reviews.


You could look on Aliexpress


In magnetic mixing, how long does it take for your e liquid to reach the 100 degree mark? I did a little experiment with just 30ml of VG in a beaker. At room Temperature it measured 76 degrees. After 15 minutes it reached 78 degrees. At the 30 min mark it measured 80 degrees. At the 45 min mark we were at 82 degrees. at the 1 hour mark it remained at 82 degrees. 1 1/2 hour it was still between 82 and 83 degrees. I shut it down at the 2 hour mark as it never got above 83 degrees.
My cheap little stir plate does not register rpm’s, but if it was spinning any faster the beaker was wanting to spin off of the mixer.
I have been watching and reading this thread and thought i read that it would raise the temperature higher than my results.
My spin bar is 24mm long and 8mm in diameter (guessing). It is pretty much flat, no bump in the center or pivot point so to speak. Beaker is a 100ml capacity.


My stirrer isn’t heated like other people’s stirrer. My mixed never reach 100 degrees or come even close to that.

However it does increase in temperature due to the spinning. I did notice that my mixes with smaller bars do get quite warm, but not to a point of being hot or very warm. The increase is just 5-10 degrees.

In bigger batches with different vg/pg ratios and bigger/thicker/larger bars they stay at the same temperature, even if running them a bit longer.

To avoid the glass slipping off, I placed a silicone coaster underneath, that’s normally meant for drinks outside lol. With that, even my smaller mixes get no increase in temperature anymore.

Some people want the heat tho, I dont, my experience has been better without it, but whatever someone likes, but if that’s the case I would be purchasing a mixer with heating element and carefully keeping an eye on these mixes.


I don’t find mixing a problem on my side, a good shake and a month rest seem to work ok.
That said, for quick mixing, I would look into ultrasonic mixing or it’s cheap cousin, a 30k rpm Dremel like tool and a stainless steel smooth shaft.
Looked into mag mixers and for 10 ml they are more hassle than they are worth.