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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


Hello Everyone,

First off I’d like to thank everyone that has posted on this thread especially @Ozo. I have been vaping for over 3 years now & haven’t had a cig or an urge for that matter since vaping. Now I have a very diverse knowledge background that ranging from electronics, home automation, cellular industry, security/surveillance/fire alarm systems, saltwater reef tanks and all the way to what sex lobster is “male or female” I worked as a deckhand when I was younger. Even have built a couple of box mods & repaired a few others for friends.

Now further expanding my knowledge at making e-liquid. Made my first two 90ml batches, a strawberry cheesecake & a Blue Raspberry Cream that I called Blue Strazzberry Cream. After a 2 week steep I must say I was impressed. Time to expand equipment arsenal, I did a month a researching especially on this thread. I was going to build a magnetic mixer, after pricing cost of parts & time, plus I wanted it also to have a hotplate function. I said screw it, I’ll buy one. After Ozo’s multiple suggestions to others to buy a used lab mixer vs a new one it made sense. Also after further research I wanted a vortex mixer to shake single batches, flavors before mixing and other based especially my nicotine.

So Ozo let me know if I made you proud. I wanted both to be made by VWR, but for the price I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Here is what I picked up yesterday both mixers are in mint condition:

Chemglass Optimag-ST CG-1993-T-10 with temp probe, stand, probe holder, & a clamp.
VWR Mini Vortexer VM-3000 with small rubber attachment.
(This is what he just tossed in free. For the Chemglass: 1 more clamp & retort ring. For the VWR: medium flat attachment & a large attachment with a foam insert that holds 8 bottles. An older VWR Dylatherm Hot Plate shows some age, but definitely works! Also a handful of magnetic stirring bars.)

Everything came out to $200.00 cash. I figured I did quite well but you tell me sir. Like I said I wanted both to be VWR, but for the price. How is that Chemglass Optimag-ST? I tried to research it, but very limited info on it. I found like 2 on ebay & other sites when they had them used sold them for $400-$500. Stainless top & she heats up fast! I know the mag in it is strong. I tested it yesterday and had the 150ml glass container with water an inch off of it and it was still spinning at 1000 rpms!

Now this leads me to my other question. Even though I ordered egg shaped magnetic stir bars last night (yes thanks to this thread), can I reused these that I have? I can not find any info the do’s or don’ts when it comes to this. They look clean & some even look new. Perhaps a bath in my ultrasonic cleaner with a mild white vinegar & water mix. Any suggestions??

Again thank you so much to all of you for helping a fellow vaper that has been reading from a distance & only joined this morning lol. I hope I can provide help to others.


You may of steeped it too long depending on flavoring. Most are 3-4 days of steeping, you go into more complex mixes it will require a longer steeping time. I know custards & creams generally take the longest to steep and even that is about 2-3 weeks. Did you sample the mixture everyday to see how it was progressing & record the process? Also if you constantly let it breath (over breathing), it will lose its flavor.


If all you want is to shake it, I’d recommend buying a Vortex Mixer. I bought one to mix my base liquids, flavorings, & nicotine prior to mixing Also for small batch bottles. A lot of nice used lab ones on eBay. Though get one with a automatic function. As soon was you place the bottle on it, it starts to mix. Let me know I can send you some links.


Has anyone tried the Nitecore NFF01 yet? I have only seen one reviewer even mention them,The Vaping Biker , but I haven’t seen any reviews on it.Although he did say that he liked it.
I think it is neat that it was designed with e-juice in mind.
I know it is not industrial quality like the wonderful setup that @Computerjohn just posted.I know nothing compared to @ozo but I think Stevie Wonder could see you got a great deal!


Didn’t go so well


Thank you , I already had it in the cart and about to pay!:flushed:


There are some who have said they got good results from it.

I still contend it’s a POS that doesn’t perform as advertised. That or I got a complete dud.


That is why I asked , if it sounds to good to be true…
I will pass , thank you for posting .


LMAO thanks BoyHowdy. I tried to do a bunch of research on that mixer. It did look promising, but FAILED miserably! Here’s the YouTube video that made up my mind on it. He did a 41min in depth review on it.


Really who? Did they review it for Nitecore and get a kickback? lol Any video I have seen NONE have produced a wave, never mind a vortex. I love their chargers & have no problem recommending almost anyone of them, but this is a complete fail! It’s sad nice design VERY weak motor.


Respectfully disagree. The control board is the only nice thing about it. Other than that…well I’ve had TV remote controls built better. This thing is built from the flimsiest, cheapest materials possible.

100% agree with this one. Terrible. Couldn’t pull a greasy string out of a cat’s ass.


I said design, not construction or materials used. :joy: I never held one so, never got a chance to see it first hand. You would of thought they would of used the same plastic they used on their higher end chargers.



Semantics I guess. In my mind materials and construction are part of design. Then again, I’m just a simple user so I shouldn’t be talking terminology in the first place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL It’s all good brother. We’re just water vapor in the cloud of life. :wink:


Thx, to you I didn’t waste hard earned money on that P.O.S.
I looked at other options on amazon and must say for $40 I’m rather happy with what I got … and plan to get a better heated mag mixer in the future…

Now if I had gotten that P.O.S. I probably would have a very different view of mag mixers … and would have went back to using the egg beater I got from liquid . Granted I still use the egg beater for some small test batches or very small mixes…

But for making my journey into using mag mixers a good one…


After spending money to make a magnetic mixer with acceptable power (mix 150mls. Full VG), I ended up buying a mixer up to 15lts. It was an expensive investment, but now I’m satisfied. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy crap 15 litters!! I take it would be expensive. Hey go big or go home. You’ll have to post a picture of it. Congratulations and I hope it serves you well.


Ok for those looking for lab magnetic mixers. I came across this gem. They have 4 of them Mag-Mix, they look to be in really nice shape, free shipping and they have Make Offer button, $78.00 each.


I have this one. It will handle 120 ml batches of 30-70 pg/vg. Not much of a vortex, but a good mix with fine bubbles.

I also got these magnets to play around with different sizes.


I decided to give a magnetic stirrer a try , not a lab quality unit but it has good reviews. I will let everyone know how it works out after I get a chance to use it.

Picked up a couple of stir bars as well .