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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


They finally made it to MI yesterday afternoon but now they are delayed there for some damn Fcking reason I have been waiting 2 weeks now for an item that was supposed to be here 3 days after ordering! I tried calling them and got no resolution!



Lmao! You always got the good ones!


I had to invest in something basic

Working well so far and with it being heated it’s easy to give it a quick blast to thin the liquid.


That’s a good stirrer, Phill.
Want some stoppers for your flasks?


Cheers but I’m in the UK so might not be as cheap as you think.

When I bought the flasks I totally forgot about stoppers :frowning:


Any lab supply will have them , GB. UK, EU, etc. no need to order from US.
So far, with all the other bullshit loss-of-rights…it is STILL legal to own stoppers…
but I would get a few before they [Parliament, etc] finds out we will use them to
stick in their mouths, or up their arse…! :smile_cat:


Well I finally have some stir bars :blush:
Since my first set I ordered got lost in the mail I contacted the seller and he sent me 3 more and I received them today so I thought I would add some water to me beaker and see if my contraption works!


With VG and PG the vortex will be greatly reduced compared to the water vortex due to the thicker volume of liquid.


I don’t even worry about a vortex. I just want to see a million bubbles when I shine a light thru the side of the beaker. A nice steady, smooth mix. I think it blends better, and after the friction heats it up, I always have a beautiful small vortex at the end…about 45+ minutes of stirring.


@Code-Vape I have all the parts to make a similar box. I had plans to protect the top. I’ve seen some people with that black foam woven waffle padding like something you would line a drawer with, but I also though I could just carefully cover the top with heavy clear packing tape.


I use Saran Wrap to cover the beaker to protect it from spilling out if it ever does and to also protect it from particles in the air.


I was worried about protecting your cool@ss box. It looks like you brushed some poly on there


Nope it was already on the cigar box :slight_smile: I will be making another out of frosted plexiglass and throw in some led for looks eventually lol :+1::+1:


Cork, rubber, neoprene, silicone, gum, etc…any size…

Yes, for slippage.
I use thin silicone liner [for my cookie sheets, baking pans, oven liners, table cloth at my coffee station, etc]
I cut a round circle for my mixers…you can even use one of the rubber jar lid grabbers. I buy it in 2’x6’
sheets and cut it to size.


Where would we be without you @ozo ?
I was talking about this stuff …non adhesive rubber grippy drawer liner


Ya, I knew what you meant [waffle]. I use it in the shop to hold my material from sliding, like when I’m sanding. It’s a ‘foam’ type material, not sure what it would do with heat, plus it’s thicker, and may be a bit wobbly with some containers.
This silicone liner is thin, and stays in place [almost] like it had adhesive backing. I use it all over the house for various things, even as a jar lid gripper to open jars. In the oven, one the counter, etc.


good point. I hope the miz won’t get PO’ed when I cut a slice of the silicone cookie sheet …I have a couple myself, awesome for baking


HA… I would kill you if you cut one of my baking mats [like a Silpat]


yeah mine are cheapo …one I got at Goodwill for 99cents