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Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar


What size do you need?


I have a cigar box to cover, but I can’t do the project now because I’m selling my home and all my stuff is boxed up in the garage.


BTW I also bought the cigar box at Goodwill for 99 cents. They commonly have nice wooden boxes which could be turned into one of these. Plus I build computers so I have variable fan junk and rheostats and power supplies. @Code-Vape has me thinking about LEDs! I likely have a fan with LEDs built in! Can’t wait…


I need to get some plexiglass now and some frosted look vinyl and start on another box!


Or just make a lid for this box out of plexiglass and add some led to it.


Here is the video of my DIY Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer


Nice video and nice build!


great vid and even better diy build. thanks for this.


Thanks guy’s I wish I could have filmed the whole put together part but it would have been to long lol. I’m hope I explained it good enough.


Kudos…job well done.


Any tips for making on that can mix 80/20 (vg/pg) - and bigger batch like 800-1000ml ? :smiley:
I have one from china with hot plate now - but bigger than 500ml batch, its no blending the mix any well :frowning:
I can see the arome laying on the top of the base when im running it on max


Man that is awesome build
Way to go I have looked at buying a used mixer on ebay the one OZO recommended still a little high for me as much as I mix for me and couple friends at work not selling it
But this is right up my alley and price range
Thanks much Code vape


try a longer mixing bar?


@ozo hi i love your post and recently bought a magnetic stirrer ( w/o heat ) i also believe no heat is the best so i dont use sonic air cleaner i usually make my juice in 30 to 60 ml bottles cap shake and steep i usually shake for the first 3 day and then put the juice to sleep for as long as necassary. My question is if im doing 30ml how much room do i need in bottle , example should i use a 60ml bottle to mix 30ml of juice with magnetic stirrer ?? or could i use a 30ml bottle for 30ml of juice then xap it and stir ??? just looking for your opinion ty


I would recommend mixing and stirring in a beaker then pouring into bottles when finished.


May have to use a frother to start. Or stir rod, or shake the crap out of it first.


Yep, on larger batches it helps me to use my frother first just to get the initial mix started and thins the VG that settles to the bottom. My stir bar can then spin more freely.


I use 100ml beakers and make 60ml batches.[ with only a few exceptions]
If I make a 30ml batch , in the 100ml beaker, I just use a smaller stir bar.

There are different size magnetic stirrers…size meaning the strength of the magnets themselves,
and also the rpm’s…magnets also lose potency [strength] over time…causes are heat, electrical, other magnets, etc
If you purchase a used lab mag mixer, chances are it is at half strength when you get it…and one reason they changed them out at the lab.
If buying a new mag mixer, check the capacity it says it will stir, and pick one at least double what you plan to mix, especially if you mix heavy on the VG. A good mag mixer under $200 will last you a lifetime for personal use. I have even seen some SH-2’s for about $125…new.
You can also start a larger batch with a small stir bar, then change it to a larger one after it mixes a while…small stir bars are not just for small batches.
Mixing 500ml of VG in a lab setting is a small batch when using the proper magnets. I have mixed 1000ml+ of regular motor oil at room temp with no problems…over and over.


What do you guys think about this one
Looks like a deal to me
No heat but should be a nice stirrer

$45 for a stirrer new
For home Brewer of beer


No, I would not expect it to work well for juice [PM sent]