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Making liquid for pod-based systems


Hey so ive been making liquid for a little while now and i see these pod systems/discreet setups are becoming a big thing… they are high nic setups with nicotine salts instead of your normal nicotine. Kind of like the JUUL and the Limitless Pulse. Anyway im trying to create some juices just for these. Because of the nature of these, they have a much tighter draw for a MTL experience, high ohm coil, and much lower watts going through them. Im wondering if i would need to change my recipes around for these, increasing the percentage of flavorings in the total mix… anyway, any advice is appreciated.


I have no personal experience, so take this with a grain of salt. I think I would aim for a thinner juice (whether that means dw, pg, vodka, or combo of those is up to you) so that the smaller coil doesn’t have too difficult of a time wicking. If you want it super stealthy go high pg to minimize visible vapor and low/no flavor to eliminate smell. If smell isn’t an issue than I’d probably up the flavor % (go here on one of your recipes:

To adjust total %) since you’ll be getting a lot less vapor from that kind of set up than you would with a high watt sub ohm set up.


Thank you! This was great advice. Im not too worried about the smell. I just need something that isnt blowing huge plumes in public while still satisfying my cravings. Which is how i stumbled upon these. I was thinking a 50/50 blend should be okay as it wont produce tons of clouds but itll have some.

Ill try increasing the flavor percentages and ill report back on my findings. =)


I would recommend starting with the 50/50. Maybe you could go 40pg/60vg at the highest. But try the pg/vg ratio first. If anything because pg is a slightly better flavor carrier you may get away with a percent or two less flavor concentrate.

Just remember that mtl is different. You won’t always get the full stage of flavor. So we’ll design 1-3 dimensional flavors are better. Especially with fruit. On the flip side some tobacco flavors I like better on the mtl setup. But for me with complex fruits with cactus and other enhancers I find get lost.

This rambeling post has been brought to you by wild raspberry mf cheese cake. Personal mix v4. First on the wild side. Lol


I always use a 40pg/60vg in my MTL setups because anything thicker and it has trouble getting to the coil


I was reading up on nic salts and this is what really hit me. When u vape nic salts the nic hits your blood steam quicker but it leaves faster as well. Another thing I read was that it’s more addictive than regular nicotine without the salt.


Not to hijack your thread but I have a question that I hope someone can answer. These pod systems you are referring to… does any of them have refillable pods? So that I can put my own liquid in them? I was under the impression that all of the pod systems are pre filled pods not empty ones…


I use a sub tank mini and IPV D2 for a discrete MTL set up with unflavored liquid for stealth vape at work… I also have the iCare mini but my subtwnk works a little better… if not being discrete I use a good sub ohm set up… I am getting away from cloud chasing and more into good flavor…let me stop rambling this is a post for another thread sorry lol…


The MyJet and the Limitless Pulse are refillable


Do you own them both? Any Thoughts on them?


I own the Limitless pulse. I also own an icare solo but thats not pods. The limitless pulse has a tighter draw and seems like itll work great. I just need my nicotine salts to get here so i can make up a batch to fully try it out


Apparently I need to do more research on Nic salts lol those are new to me I’m out of the loop lol


Yeah, nicotine salts seem very promising to me. I would love to go to a nice small setup for on the go that gives me my nic fix. Something that doesn’t blow huge clouds and attract attention.


Yes some people are strait up horrified if I let out a plume of vape walking from the parking lot… I do say sometimes I get a good kick out of expressions when I get out of my car after a vape session and all the vape rolls out with me… looks are priceless lol but the attention sometimes is completely unwanted…


Well my mr salt-e liquid came in today so ill give this limitless pulse a try today. My nic salts should be here by the 24th so ill make up a few batches of nic salt liquid and report back here. I didnt wanna wait though so i got a bottle of mr salt e lol.

Im excited if this works. Then i wont have to hear everyone making a scene over a vape cloud


Sorry to necro, but I’ve been looking for some beginner kit for a family member and had pod systems recommended left ruight and centre. This is the first i heard off them being designed for nicotine salts. So does this mean they don’t work properly with normal juice? that’s a bit of huge limitation, if so :frowning: