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Mango recipe?


Hello … Does anyone have a recommendation/idea on a recipe of mango is the main ingredient?

I was also interested in a little sweet strawberry in the recipe. And a little cream / vanilla to wrap everything.

I’d like to add a drop of koolada. And in the end there will be cold and sweet mango recipe.

I’d really appreciate it if you helped me with that.
Thanks, Ron.


I’ve got a peach mango strawberry recipe that’s pretty good. The cream and mm knock down the harsher mango notes a bit without making it actually taste creamy, but you could bump it up a little to let the cream come through. And you could definitely throw in some koolada if that’s what you like. :wink:

And sorry about the name… :joy: I just called it that to embarrass my husband when he pulls out the bottle around his work buddies… Lmfao


This one’s really yummy too :yum:



Despite the name, the Mango comes thru well.


LOL @worm1 you had me at, “Sexy McSexFace” …