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Max VG defaulting recipes?


It is I, Lolly :laughing:

All of my saved recipes have suddenly all been checked for Max VG - has it always been this way? It’s easy enough to uncheck the box as far as I’m concerned, just wondered if anybody else has this happening? :grin:


Hmmm, ALL of them?


ALLLLLL of them :laughing:


Have you maybe set defaults??


Well I had a look in my settings and couldn’t see anything untoward…will go have another butchers :+1:


Post a recipe link please



This is the only public one that is 100% VG or are you changing them back now?

This one is ok?


Haven’t changed any back. When I try to change them back (through edit), uncheck Max VG, then save it looks fine. But once saved it’s back to MAX VG…:thinking:


It has MAX VG box ticked as well when I go in to edit



It’s time to clear your cache:rofl:



Why am I glitched? :grimacing:


Your too much for the Matrix …


@daath…the matrix is overwhelmed by me :flushed::laughing:


“Coconut Lemonilla Nonna” - Thats the secret code to bypass the Matrix…

Who are you working for?!


Lolly you broke the calculator!


If only I could break the calculator somewhere useful…like my overdraft facility with the bank maybe :laughing:


Try editing an old recipe, then remove the check on “Max VG” then check off “Set these base values as default” and save - Then it should work. My suspicion is that some of you did this once, and since it never really worked, you forgot about it. I fixed it and now you see what you’re supposed to see :slight_smile: