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Maybe y'all can give me some ideas


Looks pretty tasty nice one :tada:


Most definitely !! Awesome


I’m totally down with it, that’ll be cool. Always willing to go outta the box.
These Recipes will really be a huge help for me. Thanks so much


You’re very welcome! This is fun! Lol


Mango base + coconut support

  • touch of lime
  • touch of white peach (or not)

Cardamom would probably be good there

A lemon + strawberry would probably work as well, but I’d add coolant to that for my own taste (some fresh mint + neutral coolant would be perfect)


I took a look at your stash and you’ve almost got everything for something I do from time to time:

Lemon Sicily FA 4%
Sweet tangerine 1%
Orange FA 5%
Marshmallow RF 3%
Chocolate 1% (1.5% to taste, but it’ll be an hard one to get rid of…)

It’s one of my old ones and I do this one when I fancy something… different… ( I use milk chocolate or clear and a drop of fudge brownie)

Hope you’ll like it! Let me know.


Peach with a dab of brown sugar (and toasted marshmallow if you have it) makes for a great grilled peach vape, you could even add a touch of rum or bourbon flavor for a light kick to it.


I will let you guys & gals know how things turn out. I guess my DIY part of the brain in just drawing a, I don’t know. Mixers Block ? If there’s such a thing.
My son,GF & Grandson are going to be here in like 9 days, he’s about a month cigarette free. And I promised I would have several (12) so far bottles ready for him. This way he can pick what he likes. Most are unfortunately adaptations but, the’ve had flavors subbed,tweaked. So I am learning. When I’m able to look at a stash, mine or someone elses and see recipes visually (like y’all just did) hell it may take yrs. But the main thing is I Love this agrevating hobby lol
I love the people in THIS community.
And it’s given me a addiction that’s not going to leave me on the floor dead. This is where I find my inner self. Thanks for accepting me into this hobby that did save my life in more ways then 1. I’m sure there’s other recovering addicts here too. It’s my Zen, Ohmmmmm… Thanks you all :purple_heart::blue_heart:


Can the lemon be added maybe a week before the mix is steeped (other than the lemon/lemons) I’ve not seen citrus added to RY4 or RY4D. What’s the purpose of adding the citrus @Suomynona ? Does it change the PH and give it the acidity it needs ?


Paulie, it’s the other way round the RY4 will take a longer steeping time and lemon fades faster,just as Suomynona said.
The purpose is 1) a good experiment 2) the RY4 is on the sweet, dark side, with a dash of lemon it balances and brightens up a bit the taste.
It’s a matter of experimenting new frontiers… I’d do it with oranges/tangerine, but why not lemon… just a thought and a good idea


ph? errr :slight_smile: i dunno man
Cooper1 posted his recipe above and I thought it may be something interesting to try. An uncommon combination for sure.


That makes sense, it’s kinda of like adding Lemon Zest to a (food) recipe ?


I’m sure pH somehow is used in making Recipes. Adds acidity or you can make more Alkaline


i’m sure it is, but im the wrong person to ask :wink:
I’ll just try what sounds interesting, I’m not going to analyse any recipe on its chemical properties.


Some additives that come to mind are: Triacetin but it’s more to smooth taste, ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar, Citric acid (lemon)
To say the first to come to my mind but there are more to do just that…


The whole pH thing is probably at the bottom of the rabbit hole somewhere.
I hear you, make it if its good make more if not add something else. Just making conversation.


I’m going to start with this recipe. Shall be interesting !! Appreciate it


I was shown this recently. I’ve found it great for inspiration. http://www.ingredientpairings.com/


You’ve lots of KIWI in your stash, do you have a favourite?


The Kiwis are actually there because I bought a few lots and was gifted a couple. I haven’t really messed with Kiwi too much. I like it but not as a Maine note in anything maybe as a filler @ low %'s if that’s even possible. I’m still a meer virgin to mixing lol
Only several months, BTW I’m always up for any suggestions with my stash too.