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Maybe y'all can give me some ideas


Blood Orange (FW)
Orange (FA)
Orange Cream (TPA)
Sweet Tangerine (CAP)
Citrus Punch (TPA)
Guava (FW)
Lemon Sicily (FA)
Mango (Natural) FW
Passion (Passion fruit) FA
Pineapple Juicy (TPA)
White Peach (FA)
Dragon Fruit (TPA)

I love all these except any Oranges as a subtle hint maybe. Just can’t seem to come up with anything. Any suggestions would be cool.
Plus you can see some other fruits in my stash. I’d love to layer anything that goes with one another together. Complex, Simply. Open to anything.


Have you tried the What Can I Make option on the recipe side?


I don’t have any of these flavors, but just going by flavor profile a mango tangerine lemon sounds good lol maybe a little dragonfruit too


Yes, but not getting anything.


Not getting anything that trips yer trigger or not getting any recipes coming up?


Not getting anything which is kind of odd considering guava goes with quite a few different other fruits


That’ll Work for me. 4/20 is wonderful.




I have a headache now from reading that! :persevere: :sunglasses:


I appologize I thought the voice to text was working great. I was driving figured it would’ve been easier, than texting and it was fresh in my mind. OMG, when I finally read what I was speaking. I was looking for “Delete” lol
My purpose of “texting” was I just thought it would’ve been easier describe the profile I would love to reach. Sure as bloody hell didn’t turn out to well. Lol


Have you got any creams, chocolates,sugars or anything to give those citrus fruits a body and an accent??
I’m sure that would help a lot, as it stands you could almost pick and mix them together as you fancy, and you might even do a decent juice, but you’ll always have the feeling that something is missing.


Yes, I have some creams, EM, sweetner,brown sugar, 1 . If you’d like to take a look at what’s left in my stash, please by all means do check it out. TIA
I’ve only one chocolate left too. I’m wanting to knock my Concentrates down and then replenish with necessary Concentrates. Pretty much start fresh once again. Only this time around enough to keep me supply from running out.


I get through a bit of this. It’s an unusual flavor but works IMO You’d have to sub the shisha with something sweet and a bit creamy.

Lemon (TPA) 1%
RY4 Double (TPA) 4%
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 2%
Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 1.5%


I’ve got Vanilla Cupcake I’ve used before. Mixer but no bowl.


ooper1 be aroun


I beg your pardon?


Think this could work with Lemon Sicily (FA)? Sounds like an interesting mix


It’s tastes like a sweet toffee citrus vanilla blend. It kind of erks me when I start vaping but after a few puffs it builds into something interesting.

Edit - I reckon Sicily would be OK at about 0.5%, though its more acidic than the TPA lemon. Could just skip lemon and up the tangerine a little.


The thing with lemon fa is that it fades quickly while the ry4d needs a bit of a steep…
Will give it a try.

Thanks for sharing the idea of mixing some citrus with ry4, never even occurred to me :wink:


I snuck a peak at your flavor stash, how about a peaches and cherry cream kind of a thing?
White peach FA 2%
Peach SC Real Flavors 3%
Cherry SC Real Flavors 2%
Bavarian Cream FW 3%
Cream fresh FA 1%

Woops, I posted too soon…

I think a combo of dragonfruit, sweet tangerine, lemon sicily, and hibiscus would be a fun refreshing flavor combination too!