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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


Who here has worked with Mandarin? I keep going back and forth on whether it is good or not, it is not straight orange but definitely adds a certain quality to recipes. At 1%, you can definitely start to taste the flesh. Not in a bad way though.


The Mandarin is really good. But to me the FA Mandarin is just as good, just not as potent. Opinions, opinions :slight_smile:


My FA Mandarin separated really easily and taste pretty sour. Maybe I got a weird batch…


Hi Ken, just wondering if you have tried medicine flower coconut. I cant find any reviews for it ?


I havent, sorry. After using Coconut Extra (TPA) i feared using anything that could be potentially more potent. :slight_smile:


ok thank you


Made me chuckle there. Deja Vu moment. :grinning:


White Chocolate
I think this is the creamiest flavor I’ve ever tasted. It kind of reminds me of the texture of melted almond bark. It literally feels thick in my mouth. (Since its Friday I’ll throw in a “that’s what she said” here…:smirk:) Its not a standalone flavor, but I used it in a mix with some custards and whipped cream and I was blown away by how it pushed those ingredients into the thick and creamy zone like never before. I will be buying this flavor again!


Has anyone dared throw a MF flavor in at 1.5 or 2%? I wonder if this would work or it would mute your taste buds by even looking at the bottle…

Trying to get as much lemon as I can out of a recipe and I am about to make a 0.5%, 1%, and 2% SF mix just to see what they taste like.

Would like to see how far these can be pushed…


Yes orange kiwi and melon. But do it with caution. Other flavors will not push through the mix. Sadly I don’t have lemon.


There’s NO WAY you could talk me into trying that! :rofl: At least, not with my taste buds, with my hardware setup, and vaping style.

A max of 4 drops does me just fine in 30ml for a SF.

I find time to be far more important where MF is concerned, and my absolute bare minimum is 1 month, and usually 6-8 weeks (flavor dependant) for a full bloom.

More power to you though! And I’ll be waiting with baited breath to hear your report after the 6-8 week mark. I expect much weeping and gnashing of teeth. :laughing: :wink:


:scream: No lemon MF? What are you doing with your life??? Hopefully this is due to unavailability reasons…

What is the highest you have gone with any MF flavors, which ones, and how far?

I will report back for sure… No shame, only science, lol.


Since I can’t use the quick emoticons, I’ll go old fashioned on you… :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Mainly the three mentioned. But I steep 4-6 weeks. Usually around the 1% as the highest. I think kiwi I did as high as 1.25 or 1…but I like the bitter earthy notes.

As for lemon. Well I stocked up on orange (6 ecx bottles) and kiwi (7 ecx bottles) and melon (4 ecx bottles). So I picked my three favorite mf fruits and purchased wild raspberry and a few others. Sadly skipped lemon mf because I still have lemon fe.


yes honeydew melon @2pct and vanilla ive taken to 1.5pct and strawberry i believe up to 2 or maybe even 3 ( the strawberry is actually weak ) but the lemon i wouldnt go above .5 in a mix and typically .25 to .35 are more than enough


an example , and this is turning out very good , it needs more time but as of right now this is a winner


@fidalgo_vapes I’ve never tried MF but have heard their strong ?? What is the typical mixing % ? What’s MF claim to fame ?? Expensive but good ?


I’m pretty sure that you’re not going to enjoy lemon mf at 2%… Unless you just want to taste lemon zest. I typically use the lemon at about 1-2 drops per 10ml. For a really nice strong lemon, try .3-.4% mf lemon and 2% fa lemon sicily. The fa will give you that sweet lemony flavor, and the mf pushes it into the realistic zone with some zest and bite.


Expensive but good yes. From there for me it’s about flavor profile. Often I find the full fruit there in a mf flavor.

Take kiwi for example. Kiwi FA is the green sweet without the tang…very authentic but fades with time. Kiwi double tpa I find candy like, not authentic and so I used to mix that with kiwi FA to add a tint of candy sweet. Then kiwi mf came along and there is no candy…but all the kiwi profiles are there…the skin, the sweet green, and middle white part where all the tang is at. This is not for everyone…but for me I love it…I like closing my eyes and feeling the brown, the green, and the tang of a kiwi.

This is mf for some of their flavors for me. They are forgiving but disaterious. To much and no other flavor will shine. If you are worried about cost 0.25-1% for many of the flavors will do. If you don’t care about cost some can go to 1-3% but not really 3 and not really even to and the max for me can be from 1-2% in a mix where I want mf to shine and maybe an FA to sneakily boost one note and all the creams and mallows do is set the stage l plus shave acouple sharp notes.

And yeah…blah blah blah my grammar sucks. I’m not going to edit this one now. Lol. Need to head out the door.


strong and it is spot on flavor , a true extract , if i were you id go to ECX and grab some of the flaves they still have , the price is great i think after the discount its half off compared to the vendor cost , they will take some getting use to because you use so little and 1 to 2 drops can overwhelm a recipe , they are great , imo the lemon and vanilla are MUST haves the honeydew melon is greeeat orange , cantalupe, blueberry , peach etc the flavors i have tried all have been impressive , i would pass on the strawberry for me its just like red touch and red touch is cheaper even the banana is good and to me banana is a tough flavor and the nice thing is they get better with age on most cases steeping is a must the flavors hold up