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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes


I have been hearing things about a VERY close second to MF Vanilla. If I remember correctly, INW Shisha Vanilla is very close to just as good?


i personally wouldnt put the shisha close but it cld be a sub , if that makes sense lol


Maybe third. But all vanilla’s have there place. Shisha for some. Classic FA vs Tahiti FA to mf. And so on.


I am currently using FA Vanilla Classic for a cupcake recipe, but looking to sub a stronger/ better tasting vanilla. Is MF Vanilla or INW Shisha Vanilla better for this application?


What you need is some frigging ∆∆∆ in your flavors and then you need to grow a pair and use those flavors.
And to start of your new journey you should begin with this recipe. It will be a soft start on your ∆∆∆ venture.


ty i was looking for this recipe since i have the Lorann butter rum now thanks to @Ken_O_Where


Yeah, that stuff looks fantastic. Those exclamation points!


i was gonna say to @Norseman pentine may overdose on that recipe be careful lol


Nah, i think it would be a good healthy start for him. He might get a little lightheaded at first but it will go over eventually, or not…


@fidalgo_vapes may be able to chime in on which may be better for cupcake…vanilla shisha inw or mf.

Personally I like classic (Madagascar) FA for that. I havnt really played with the mf yet.


You’re one of the few that I’d say “need to”!
(There’s others, but your post is what inspired the reply) lol
What I mean by that is, I know you’re far enough along, that you should really be able to appreciate them, as well as apply them well.

/general public
I think there’s segments to the journey, and given that, I think it’s a good thing people start off with the likes of TFA, FW, then move into FA, Cap, RF, then Inawera & FLV, and finally MF.
(I realize there’s some overlap in categories there, and I took some out of order myself. BUT, as a general rule, it’s much easier to fully appreciate what each level brings, not to mention the noticeably different percentages, if you’ve climbed that ladder from the “bottom up”. Each rung has it’s own importances/relevance IMO.)


Lol. Maybe played was the wrong term. More like I havnt used it enough to speak eloquently about vanilla mf.

As for vendor selection I started with 95% FA and inw. Only picked up a few top flavors from cap and tpa. I really did take note of reading everything before you buy…mostly thanks to hic. I’ll read for 6 hours to pick a handful of new flavors.

Mf lately is what I use to boost recipes…it so kicks ass. If you have a failed mango…2 drops. Plain orange 2-4 drops. And so on. Also if you want to kick everything into high gear go for a main profile at 2% mf and supplement with FA.

As of right now I’m chasing a lime vape pulling out the almost silent notes when mixing regular and cold press FA. (Yes this will be released soon…kinda f’d up the last mix by being too balls’y lol) Mango ice cream, attempt number one is great (after reading 50 posts) and may call for mf vanilla at one drop along with a white cream.

Overall I take the long stretch out approved. Some days I’m tempted just to dump my hold folder on a google drive. But I just take the long approach…picking from a billion ideas and working with 50 at a time.

(This jumbled, lacking in grammar check, and philosophical note has been truly brought to everyone by mango ice cream ).


i have never made a cupcake type recipe , but if im adding a vanilla note to an existing vanilla flave , like vanilla ice cream or something like that i like to add .25 to .5 % of MF vanilla the thing about MF vanilla is it takes awhile to come through but worth it , i have the madagascar and need to play with it more , its been a long time since ive just played around trying new things


a few months ago i said i wished i would have started with the INW , MF , RF type , but i have since taken that statement back , and couldnt agree more with your thoughts altough id put CAP in the same category as FW and TPA ,i couldnt imagine being a complete noob and trying to figure out the " premium flaves "


This answered my question I came to look around to see if anyone else noticed that SB Lotus has been removed. I found it for 22$ on Amazon but was hoping ECX had it still. That sux but thanks for the heads up @Pentine


Has anyone had any luck with nectarine? It smells like a delicious, smooth, yellow fruit and I want it to work so badly.

I will probably add some stevia this next mix, but it always comes out tasting less bright than it smells.


I haven’t tried the Nectarine myself, but I find some MF fruits really benefit from added sweetener (Pyure) and some type of tart/sour enhancer (Sour Wizard FA) . When I use MF fruit as a top note I add enhancers pretty much all the time…


My first mix with it didn’t go well so I can’t advise.


i like the new avatar


Thanks for sending it over, @SthrnMixer. This stuff is very potent, I put 1 drop, from the dropper, into a 16 ounce bottle of water and it is very prominent. I did the same test with Honey Bee FLV and i could barely taste it. But this stuff… One drop and i immediately pick up the florals and a couple seconds later here comes the sweet from the honey.

I have never done a flavor dilution, this may be the first…