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Medicine flower Vanilla


I believe Kai’s Virgin Vapors are made exclusively with MF extracts. The info is out there somewhere, I just can’t recall where I found it, nor have I confirmed it, but I think it’s solid Intel.


Thanks so much! Yeah, it sounds about right. A small company doing all their own extracts seemed a little far fetched. Gonna have to try mf plum. Thanks also @fidalgo_vapes for that store link with relatively cheap mf.


Is there another vanilla that compares in taste to MF ? I just cant seem to pul the trigger on spending 22.00.


$22.00 though. :expressionless:


I just cant bring myself to spending that much. Is it really that good ?


If you do decide to try them, Karen who runs good earth beauty sells them for the same price, BUT she offers free shipping and 10% off with code GEB10. Still expensive for 15ml of flavor but that’s what ya get with MF.

She is an amazing lady, tell her Jason sent ya :wink:

She’ll throw in free samples


Is Vape Crafters gone?

I’ve never used it. Just trying to help. It’s the only place they had in stock. I would go with @DarthVapor. Cheaper if you are willing to shell out $20 with free shipping.


Ok Thank you.


While I haven’t had the pleasure of MF vanilla, I’ve tried quite a few others, and have yet to be even remotely disappointed.

This is coming from someone where even the change under the cushions matters! :wink:


I’ve used MF vanilla before and although I really like it, I have always been [extremely] happy using INW Vanilla Shisha. If you don’t have that one, it is a must have in my opinion.


imo its worth every penny and like @DarthVapor said goodearthbeauty is the best place to buy with the 10 off and free shipping plus free sample that 15ml will last a long time


@fidalgo_vapes and @juice_junkie_lover
Thanks much for the geb hookup! I finally put in an order, getting some coffee, caramel, dark chocolate, butterscotch, and instead of mf plum i decided to try mf golden plum. Not sure if its gonna be the catalyst for virgin vapors plum crazy or not but i had a good feeling about it.


Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about it. If you ask geb for samples she will usually try to include it if she has it available. She will send you these little nifty bottles of whatever flavor you ask for.


they are the cutest little bottles too