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Medicine flower Vanilla


Hello everyone, I am looking for MF vanilla. It is sold out on the raw foods and medicine flower’s website. I also checked ecigeexpress. Does anyone know where else to purchase it ? Thanks


Looks like the last of it lives in the UK. Have you tried emailing MF for an eta?


No, but thats a great idea, Thank you


give me a mi ute ill look where i got it last time


goodearthbeauty they also have a 10pct code on their site geb10 for 10 %off


$19.80 plus free shipping, is pretty good for MF! Thanks for this. I wasn’t going to pay for any MF once I ran out, since they seem to be closer to $40, than $20, but I think I will make an exception for another vanilla, hehe


I bought my last bottle on Amazon. Interestingly it’s not on there now.


Yes! They are great! I’ve been talking about them for a while now. Great company!


Unfortunately they are out of stock too @robin. I placed an order and received this;

Hello - I am waiting on a shipment - I do not have any yet. do you want me to refund, or hold the order open?

Karen Oxxxx
Good Earth Beauty


i believe it was you who steered me in their direction if i rememeber right


i got my bottle in may , ill call Mf tmrw and see when to expect more available and post on this thread


the cool thing about goodbeauty is they send a 3.7ml sample of a different flavor with your purchase


Perfect, thank you


Hmmm…It makes me wonder ??. Why would every vendor be out of stock on only vanilla ? Is it that good ?


its great imo , some of these vendors may not have stock and order direct from MF out of their inventory so if MF is out they all will be , or they have have small amounts on hand also one of the two


alright just spoke to Ivory at MF and they were hoping to have the Vanilla available this week but it doesnt look like that will happen so she is estimating 1 to 2 weeks , 2 being the latest @DarthVapor @robin


Awesome! Thanks for passing along the info!


Wow! That’s crazy! I might have to order a bottle when it comes back in Stock :grinning:


If anyone is still on the hunt, I just ordered the vanilla directly from MF, and it appears to be in stock.


Has anyone tried mf plum?

I ask because this. Once in a while, as a treat, I used to buy juice from a company called kai’s virgin vapor. All vg, they use distilled water to thin, and i believe they did their own extractions. I dont know. But i do know its a pretty involved process that not everybody would have the means to do so. So maybe they use mf? Anyway, their Plum Crazy was just ridiculous, like you just wanna drink this stuff its so good. So, ive tried a nf plum type flavor and of course the usual suspects, i think tfa’s was the best, but still couldnt hold virgin vapors jock.
Other flavors i tried from them were all very authentic, vanilla will knock your nipples off. But a lot of them needed an open bottle type steep, i guess to kill the alcohol some had. But anyway, the Plum Crazy… hol-ee shit. So good and potent, i would dilute it and busting a 60ml to a 120ml was doable. The only reason i rarely buy is because its like $70 for a 120ml. !!!

Probably should have just made a separate thread, sorry bout that. But yeah, so, anyone try mf plum?