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Melted deck - Wotofo Troll


I have melted the deck on my Troll … Now it dosent work??? any one else had this problem??? Help or advice?


Pics would be exceedingly helpful… and probably pretty cool.


I’m guessing you’re referring to the peek? insulator (either the one that separates the positive section from the negative section, or the one at the base where the screw goes on the 510)?

I’d be blown away if you’re actually talking about a metal part.

I’m with @TW12. Pics would definitely be welcome!


For his sake I hope so, but if it’s anything like I’m thinking, it’s going to look apocalyptically awesome.


I imagined burning army men, the toys not humans lol


Oh Please, Please Pictures! I apologize for “capitalizing” on your loss but this is just to precious. To answer your question, no, I have not melted any at least just yet. I’ve got a couple but I build pretty conservatively on them. It would also be great to have particulars as per power, and build resistance as it may indicate a threshold that may be helpful to the rest of us.




Sorry man, we’re not making light of your issue intentionally. Just taking a little advantage. Hope it’s just insulator or something easy.


I have the wotofo sapor and bought the freakshow v2 for the husband. He hasnt had issues, but my sapor had a bad seal in the pin or insulator and leaked into the mods 510.

If you mean the insulator, if it is not too bad, it can be worked with. Mine didnt melt, but I took a tiny o-ring from something else and screwed it into the 510 pin and it now works fine, except for the sharp screws or posts that can easily cut 24g wire. Lol


In all seriousness please be careful . There is real meaning behind the term “dead short.” Post pics .


@TTMaxxx, Please elaborate on what has happened before we all keep imagining the worst!
If it is not the insulator, you may have much bigger problems than the RDA to address!:astonished:


Ya @TTMaxxx, I forgot my manners. As per @mrpipes I second being careful. Not something to play with. A friend did a build where a tiny Alien wrap wire shorted and the tank went off like a flashbulb. As no one was hurt it was hilarious but had it been a larger wire it could have been a different story.


i don’t own a Wotofo TRoll but probably because of hit you have melted an insulator… and i will agree with @Sprkslfly
i would take my clothes off and start running on the streets naked if you have made to melt the metal parts… lol

99,9% you will not find an insulator to replace it, i would throw it away, it’s dangerous to make a short even if it seems to work right now…


It may be a common thing > is this the same as yours?

You can get them but do you want to? This one is uk but i am sure you will find them else where if you wanna look


If you’ve melted the insulator, hopefully you kept a hold of the box the Troll RTA came in as there is a spare in one of the bags(It should be in the one with the extra screws and o-rings) There’s a reason why I don’t run complex wire builds in my Troll RTA: That damn insulator is just begging for a hot spot to melt it to nothing.

If you do get your Troll back up and running, I would suggest you keep to simple spaced wire builds-26 or 24 gauge at the thickest. Spaced coils don’t require the tweaking to get out hot spots like contact coils do. Simply give a quick dull glow to ensure that you don’t have a hot leg or a bad piece of wire(it’s happened t me before) and you’re done. No worrying about melting the hell out of the insulator, and with the Troll’s smaller deck you can get some decent flavor to boot.


I got one geuss i wont use it again, ive only used it a few times, i was concerned about the design, and with good reason it seems


I don’t know if I’d go that far. Honestly, it’s no different than having the correct build in the correct device… You wouldn’t expect a mix done for use in an MTL tank to perform the same as in a RDA. You wouldn’t feed 150w into a Nautilus Mini.

Same goes for coils. :wink:


I would listen to these guys both offer sound advice.


I melted all three of my trolls insulators dry burning coils to clean them. I contacted Wotofo and asked them to send me 100 spares that I would happily send to uk users free of charge. They declined and insisted I pay $8 shipping for 30g parcel containing spares at 1 usd each. The parcel arrived weighing 1kg…stuffed with terms of paper to weigh it down